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Posted 1/15/12 , edited 1/15/12
いちがつ January 一月
にがつ February 二月
さんがつ March 三月
しがつ April 四月
ごがつ May 五月
ろくがつ June 六月
しちがつ July 七月
はちがつ August 八月
くがつ September 九月
じゅうがつ October 十月
じゅういちがつ November 十一月
じゅうにがつ December 十二月

The first part is written in Hiragana so you can read it better because the third part is written in Kanji and I will leave Kanji stuff for a later time. But as you can see a pattern is going on. The first part is the numbers and the second part 月 represents month.

heres a video on months:
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