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Rating System
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Posted 1/17/12 , edited 1/17/12
I think rating systems can be helpful, but not here... there are a couple places that seem to have rating systems that aren't based on a 1-2 point scale like CR. Hell around here shows that haven't even aired yet get ratings of 4-5 stars as soon as they are added.

Someone mentioned reviews... those are even worse... as 90% of the time they are written by no talent ass-hats who wank to the thought of being the next roger and ebert in their oh so objective "reviews" of anime.

In the end... can a ratings system give a general feel about how the anime viewing population feels about a certain anime, yes... but it's all subjective... it's entertainment... there are some people out there who would give a 10 to Justin Bieber...
Posted 1/17/12 , edited 1/17/12
I tend to give single episodes a 1 or a 5, and usually a 1 because if it is average or bad I'll be more inclined to rate it. I do think shows should just be rated good or bad. I just don't think it means anything if shows are being rated 8.41 vs 8.33, for example. The scale here means nothing because it suggests all the shows are good when there are heaps of bad anime here. Anyways, because of that reviews that say to check it out or not are what I like when I am on the fence and not ratings.
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