The Hostess with the Mostess!
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Posted 1/17/12 , edited 1/18/12
Tamaki just doesn't when it's its the end, does he? Out of the blue, Tamaki decides that it's time for a new host! But, the newest host-ess may bring some humor, talent, tragedy and romance to the table as she amazes her "buraza-zu" with hidden talents and secrets!
My first story! So awesome! Hope u enjoy! CHAPTER 1!

The Ouran High School Host Club is where filthy rich young men, like ourselves with too much time on their hands, entertain young ladies with also way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran's Playground for the super rich and beautiful.

We now come to a door, labeled as Music Room #3. However, there's more that on inside than music.

"Welcome young ladies!" We hear as the doors fly of rose petals fill the air. The young man welcoming the girls was a very attractive blond with eyes the shade of indigo.

"I'm so overwhelmed with joy that you were all able to join us today." Mr. Blondie(my nickname for him for now) takes the hand of the closest person and pulls it to his chest, eyes closed.

"And what brings you here," He slowly opens his eyes,"My little rosebud." The person's hand he was holding was a boy ...or girl. Well, he looked somewhat feminine. He had short brown hair and big brown eyes.

"Tamaki-senpai?" The guy looked somewhat puzzled but hopeful.

"Haruhi, I didn't mean..", Blondie's face became the color if a rosebud.

The boy named Haruhi began to giggle."It's okay, senpai, because I didn't really mind". Haruhi takes both hands of the other boy named Tamaki.

"You really mean it!"

Haruhi nods. Our princely character leaps with joy as the background of the room suddenly becomes a field of flowers.

Haruhi continues to giggle. " Tamaki-senpai, Tamaki-senpai, Senpai,...

"SENPAI!" The megaphone like yell awakes our blond fellow. "W-what!"

"Tamaki, would you wake up already. Hunny-senpai has twirling this rose on your nose for the past ten minutes and it's almost time for those auditions you planned!" said Haruhi in a slightly irritated tone.

Tamaki begins to realize what just happen."Haruhi..." He said as if he were still in his dream.

"Guess the guy may never stop dreaming 'bout Haruhi, huh?" said two very identical twins. Like symmetrical.

"Hikaru! Kaoru! You two know I can't have feelings for my daughter like that!" Tamaki covered her ears. Her ears.

'It was obvious you know." Said a handsome young man with glasses and a notebook in his face. "Tama-chan. Why do you always dream about Haru-chan. She's always here with us!" Said a young, young looking boy with a bunny in his hand.

"Isn't that right, Takashi?" The young looking was talking to an extremely tall young man next to him.

" It seem so Mitsukuni, however we have to listen to Haruhi a minute."

"Thanks Mori-senpai," thanked Haruhi.

HAruhi continued.'' I honestly don't care who you were dreaming about, senpai. Just please focus because these audition, interview, thingy about to start.

Tamaki went into full effect mode."Men, and Haruhi, we most go into full effect so that the newest host is an awesome one! This new host needs to have all the qualities to help make us be one hundred percent perfect. I know the Ouran Fair just happened and all that other drama, but let's get back on track because-"

"No time for monologues boss." Said one of the twins. " They're coming."

The twins said in a playful yet devious tone. This was going to be interesting.

Please leave a review if chu like!!!!!!!! Chapter 2 coming very soon!

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