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Posted 1/18/12 , edited 1/19/12
hello guys

i just saw ep.1 and its amazing but i saw comment about talking about original so i want to ask it's same as old one or i must saw the old one first ???
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Posted 2/19/12 , edited 2/20/12
Its not the same but its not different. You know how they remade Full Metal alchemist? Its just like that. They are condensing episodes and getting rid of "filler".
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Posted 4/26/12 , edited 7/6/18
To me, the comparison to this new series and the old is that this new series just has the tone of a Saturday morning cartoon. Even after 27 episodes in, it still feels similar to a Saturday morning cartoon.
However, I do not have a problem with it but in my opinion, the old series is better. The main reason is because the old series had a sense of death, especially during the first exam where they were in that dark tunnel with 12 year old Gon being surrounded by all of these adults that looked menacing. Whereas the 2011 version just looked as if the tunnel had a whole bunch of lighting surrounding it with guys that barely looked threatening.
Still though, the 2011 show is not bad but I hope the tone changes to one that is a lot darker when it enter the York New City arc. Just hoping.
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Posted 12/26/13 , edited 12/27/13
The filler is exactly what people missed; being able to see something that didn't come from the comic was new; the only problems with filler is whether or not they qualify as canon events.

Now you also get shows like Black Butler & Gintama that have so much filler, they go off in their own directions & have their own separate parallel universe continuity. This tends to happen when they don;t want to stop making the anime, but they've already passed where the manga has left off.
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