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Yes, indeed, I am curious as to what you delightful people may believe the pinnacle of my career to be. Also, if any of you are interested, I can leak information about my new 2012 movies. Of course, I understand that such a dark action may be considered unpleasant, but I believe that you all deserve it.
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Hmmmm, this is a very interesting question. Your film are all so deep in meaning... Personally, I enjoyed the films Bruce-Allmighty, and Batman Begins.

And please do tell.
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Well, as I was in The Dark Knight, I am returning in The Dark Knight Rises with the same role. Also, I do not know if you have read a book called "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle", but I am starring in a film adaptation of the novel, acting as the character "Zachariah". He is a main character, and this is the description of him:

"Chef, surgeon, carpenter, and preacher of the Seahawk. Although uneducated, he is a leader amongst the crew and becomes friends with Charlotte. Zachariah serves as a foil to Captain Jaggery."

I am honored to have received another role in which I am a leader and preacher of sorts.
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I am afraid that I have never read the book. However, from what I gathered off the description, I think I will very much enjoy it once it is released.
People see you and see greatness. Who better to play a Leader and a Preacher, than a man who is a great Leader and Preacher himself?
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