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Posted 1/21/12 , edited 3/3/12


I am the creator and ruler of this group. I'm usually an easygoing, laid back kind of person, so I'll let a lot of things slide. However, I will play the "Boss" role when I need to be. As Creator, Only I CAN godmod and kill off characters whenever and where ever I see fit and to move along the story. If I ask you to do something, it's going to be for a good reason, and I expect you to respect my wishes and comply, unless it's totally retarded. Of course, If you do not agree with my ways, I would appreciate it if you discussed with me so we can come to an understanding and agreement.

Romance - Violence

If you plan for your character to have a crush on another character, it would probably be a good idea to talk to the owner/creator to make sure that this is okay, just to be on the safe side. I really don't care if a character is straight, gay, or bisexual. Romance is GREATLY encouraged, It creates Drama and Plots. BUT as soon as the clothes start coming off, or hands start wandering in places we would really prefer not to read about, please censor yourselves, and do a timeskip to after the "Nasty" is done. Same for violence; , there is a TON of Fighting, Violence and some Gore. So it is ok to be graphic but lets get to the that point where is getting retarded.


Cursing is fine with me. I mean cursing is a good way of portraying angry emotions your character are having. Tho, I don't want see every other word in every one of your posts is "fuck." There are just some words you don't use, no matter what the situation is. If you're unsure if a certain word can be used or not, just ask me, and I'll tell you if it's acceptable or not.


Be courteous to your fellow roleplayers. If you get upset with another person, try to sort it out in a mature manner. If you can't resolve things peacefully, then come to me, and we'll try to work things out together. Do not just cry, whine, complain, insult or threaten people, and then leave. I have seen this, and I do not want it to happen in my RP.

Also don't ignore posts. Do your best to read over everything, even if it takes a while. Don't worry, we're patient people, we can wait. This isn't a race. Don't skip people without asking them whether or not it's all right first. We don't want to leave anyone behind just because you got impatient, and decided it wouldn't hurt to continue on without that person. However, if someone doesn't post for an unusually long time, and you've been waiting on them this whole time, come to me about it, and we'll figure out what the story is.

If you're dissatisfied or get bored with this RP, or suddenly gotten busy, and you want out, please PLEASE notify me. I can't stress this enough. It makes things run much more smoothly, instead of waiting and wondering for two months for a no-show, I won't take offense to your leaving. I'm pretty sure we all been there, I understand. So with that said if you do play "Ghost" and your playing "Ghost" for a while (for like a month) and you have NOT said a thing then I will assume you left and kill off your character in cold blood.

Godmodding - Power Playing - Auto Hitting

The only person who can do this without permission is me. Other then that, If you wish or need to Godmod you have to have permission from the other players to do so. Don't kill other characters without the owner's express permission either. You will be hit with a warning and if you do it again your ass is OUT. Your character isn't an invincible god, they can get hurt, and they will inevitably be injured, perhaps even fatally. Your character can't dodge every hit, just as they can't land every hit. If your character does get involved in a fight, it's preferred that you discuss how things will play out with whoever you're fighting through PMing or posting in the OOC.

--As long as you follow these Rules as closely as ya can, then we're good


The OOC thread was made for a reason. I do not want to find half a page made up entirely of OOC comments in the actual RP.


You may have as many Character you think you can handle but please realize YOU MUST use them all. I honestly recommend like 5 or 6 but you may have how many you wish. They are as many races and character types you can think of like Pirates, Thieves, Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Androids, Shinigami, Demons, Angels,Samurai, Ninjas, Mythical, Monsters, etc.. The lists goes on. Whatever you can think of is pretty much approved of. I will tell you if I dont agree with your character profile or attacks and you have to change or edit whatever I dont like or feel is broken or tooo powerful. There is a 12 attack and 2 Elemental limit for each character. Also no GODLY or unbeatable characters please. I understand being powerful but use some sense. Once you have made your character feel free to start rping. ALL characters made/created/being worked on or whatever are automatically approved so there is no waiting to start rping. UNLESS I have said sumthing or disapproved something about your character that you MUST change. There will be NPC(Non Playable Characters) like Victor Creed, these characters are Over Powered Characters only playable by Me or a Mod.

Note:I or a Mod has the right to add or change any rules. There may be more rules add later so keep an eye on this thread. It all depends on how active this place is.
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Posted 2/22/12 , edited 3/3/12
I got this list from the Lovely LamiaZlogonje thanks buddy . This 'Power Cap' has been requested so as creator I gotta do my creator duties. I was actually to lazy to post my own Powercap which is why we havent had one for the longest time. Now everything on this list goes into effect today. 2/22/2012. If Any of your Character attacks/Skills/techniques fall under this list change them. And without further ado in the words of LamiaZlogonje....

Why do we need a Power Cap?
A Power Cap is there to ensure that no one is able to Power/God Mod. It helps keep fair chances in reach. Not everything can be monitored. So I assure you it is nothing crazy. And so people wont give their character the most powerful and broken attacks in Anime history.

Everything within this list will be considered RESTRICTED, or will be LIMITED. And if used, or used without the given limitation, then, there will be consequences. For this power cap will help ensure that there will be NO God/Power Modding!

The Power Cap List


►Gravity Manipulation, I have no problem with gravity manipulation. Screw up the gravity, crush things, and all that good stuff. But the gravity manipulation should be at a minimum. When I mean minimum, I mean, you can't just appear somewhere, and crush an entire capital. You can make it increasingly difficult for an opponent to move, but just halting their movement, is not allowed. Role-playing is a skill and skill is increased through practice and logic not power.
► Wind (Air) Control/Manipulation, anyone can have control over this of course. But, I don't want to see any, I drained all of the oxygen out of your body. I don't want none of that. But you can lessen the amount of air for a certain amount of time in certain areas. And no, I'm not talking about lessening the air in a continent for five hours, no. When I mean a certain amount of time I mean minutes, seconds. And when I mean small areas, I mean, probably a few yards, maybe a meter or two.
► Blood Control/Manipulation, having control over blood doesn't mean you have control over all of your enemies because they have blood. It means you have control over the blood of your character. Now, I am willing to work with this one a little bit. It can be, you can control the blood that you come in contact with, but nothing crazy okay.
► Healing, it seems that a lot of people want to get healing mixed up with regeneration. Okay, let me explain what healing is. If you cut off your arm right now, it gone. You can heal it, which takes time, but that arm isn't going to just heal right back up like it never happened. It doesn't matter if you have accelerated/inhuman/whatever healing, healing is healing. It takes at least a little bit of time to heal, no instant healing, thats the same thing as regeneration. And regeneration isn't allowed. Healing takes a bit of time, it heals wounds not removed limbs.
►Duplication/Clones, now, I have no problem with being able to make clones/duplications of oneself. But you have to be somewhere in the same region/place/ whatever as the character. That way you're not all over the place ex: Ur posting at the Wastelands and in the Forest with the same character. No no . It keeps it less confusing and keeps the MODs off your back.
► Semi/Automatic Powers, when I say this, I mean something in the essence of... blasts that fire off like a semi automatic/automatic weapon. Okay, so heres the deal. I don't want any of this: They keep firing off until I run out of energy/destroys the target. Why? This is because YOU decide when you run out of energy! And, doing the other one, just means you have unlimited energy/power. And nobody has unlimited energy/power, thats just how it is.
► Mind Control, I have no problem with minions. Minions are really cool after all. BUT, I will allow NO mind control over actual characters. BUT, you can control the minds of others, but not peoples characters.
►Metal/Metallic Control/Manipulation, this control/manipulation allows you to control metal objects/weapons/etc. I will allow it as long as you are able to control your own weapons to the max, specify what controls you have over them. And you can have no control over the metal/metallic weapons of someone's character
►Telepathy, I really dont mind it you just cant control the mind of the Character your mind reading or whatever.
►Telekinesis - Its fine I just dont get crazy with it
►Energy/Chi/Elemental/Charka Absorption - This is something I really dont wanna everyone and their moms to have. Any form of energy can be absorbed. But dont get carried away with this and using it to absorb everything. You CANT absorb everything. Even Absorbing has its limits. Also YOU CAN NOT absorb ANY Energy/Chi/Elemental/Charka/Ki/ or whatever from Legendary Items. Itf the attack/powers are used with a Legendary Item then the attack can not be absorbed unless you have a Legendary Item that can absorb stuff even from Legendary items


These are No No's Unless you have control of a NPC

► Time Control, I don't want to see any variation of this. And We have a Legendary item for that.
► Regeneration, some people have been confusing regeneration with healing. Regeneration is when, for example, piccolo cuts his arm off. And like presto, instantly BAM, he's got another brand new arm. Its like it never even happened. Or, your leg gets amputated in battle. And it just grows completely back within a matter of moments, limb, bone, everything. Regeneration also known as instant healing, is NOT allowed in this group. NO NO NO I Dont want any kind of Regeneration skills. Rebirth/Magical Regeneration NOO!
► Immune to Kinetic Energy, I don't want any of that.
►. Completely Immune...Being immune to so many things all around the board that nothing can touch you, NO.
► Soul sucking, I don't want to see any of this. I dont' want to see any, I'm close to you so now I can suck out your soul. Thats just ridiculous.
► Copy Touch/Sight/Look/whatever, Then there's the, touch to copy. I don't want to see any, I touch you any kind of way and I copied your powers. I don't want any of that at all! I don't want any variation of the capability that allows someone to just copy someone else's powers, when at full extent and such. BUT!!!! You can copy's someones Attacks (Attacks and Powers are different things) but you must have seen and have been hit with the attack at least once. You can NOT Copy Legendary Item Attacks or Bloodline attacks.
► Excessive Water Control/Manipulation. I don't want to see any of this. You can NOT suck all of the water and/or liquids out of a persons body, no.
► Character Creation to Upgrade, I will not allow any characters that were meant to only upgrade your character. I won't allow it, at all. And when I mean upgrade I mean combine.
► Probability Manipulation, I don't want to see this anywhere on your characters.
► Looks Can Kill, I don't want to see any of that Heart Under Sword Shinobi death sight moves. None of that at all, I mean it.
► Immunity to the Legendary items,
► Weather Control, it is easy to go overboard with elemental control. And we only allow one element per character.
► Molecular Combustion is an all around, absolutely no. It sounds like a straight line God/Power Modding capability to me.
► Elemental Prowess, the ability to have all the elements in your complete control. This is not allowed unless you have somehow gained possession of one of the items. There is a 2 element limit for ea. character!
►Divination - Dont know what it is then look it up

More stuff May Be Added so keep a eye on this list. If you have questions few free to ask them in the OCC Thread its what I made the thread for.
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