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Posted 8/18/12 , edited 8/19/12

I'll make all the changes when i get on the next time. I'm just curious as to why regarding Anti-Aether and Anti-Nether. If you will indulge me, think of it as closure for me. Oh, before i forgot. 10) Fork and Knife & 12) Nail Punch. They are both from Toriko.
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Posted 8/19/12 , edited 8/19/12

*Snap* I knew they were from sumthing. Thats an interesting Anime lol. The reasons I say no to Anti-Aether and Anti-Nether. One because they dont really say how he does this. How can he just nullify a persons Chi. Is it like Neji from naruto? Also this two abilities can be abused. At least i see it like this. I do a energy blast and it comes into contact with you and it just vanishes. At least thats my understanding of the attack. They are so vague in the Description. They can be easily used as a GOD MOD. Another thing is a very large handful of characters main power source is Chi, Aura, Dark Arts, blah blah, ect ect. Not to mention The Items. You wouldnt be able to do this against item Users or the Items them selves.

Now here is my offer since you took my evaluation on your character, Fu "The Joker" Metsu., very well and didnt blow up about it and such. IF you can may these Powers Anti-Aether and Anti-Nether, non Passive, Give them a draw back, and a better Description. You can keep them. I mean Fu is a pretty nice character he is just very OP in my eyes and just needs to be toned down a bit.
Posted 8/19/12 , edited 8/19/12

I see your point there. Thank you. I'll work on it all. Though i have to ask in advance that you, the moderators, and members to please be patient with me. It's my first time making such a detailed character. So, i do apologize if i somehow get on any of anyone's nerves by mistake. And i greatly appreciate any and all advice given at any given time.
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Posted 8/19/12 , edited 8/27/12
General Info

Dont You Think I'm Sexy?:

I Am Known As: Flinch kasunosuke
I Have Been Alive For: 17
I am A: male
I am Proud to call My Self A: human
My other Info
My Height is-5'10"
My Weight is-173lbs.
My Eye Color is-orange
My Hair Color is-blood red with pitch black highlights
My Sexuality is-heterosexual

About Info

I act like: very uptight and strict when he's on the mission and follows it down to the last whim but when off duty, very tense and strung up
My Rap Sheet: when Flinch was born he was pyro-kinetic and hydro-kinetic. when he found his powers out, he was unable to control them.when he grew up to five, he was taught discipline for the misuse of his powers. after his punishment he started a fascination in the style of santo-ryu (the three sword style). after his mastery of his two swords, he moved to his mother's dojo in ikebukuro. where he then trained under his mother to master his third sword. he then stayed with his mother to learn the secret sword aura: the electric aura. he then found out that his family was electro-kinetic. he then started to learn how to control his kinetic powers so he could use them as weapons. he learned to use his kinetic powers to shape and form more swords to give him a total of six, and also use them to perform incredible blasts. after he learned his kinetic attacks and how to use his third sword, he went back to his father's dojo in Tokyo to learn how to enchant his sword to make them more powerful. after he learned how to enchant his swords, he then moved on to how to cover them in his own kinetic powers. when Flinch left his father, he then decided to travel the world to find many worthy opponents.

I Enjoy: fire, water, electricity, food, fighting, strong opponents

I hate: evil, wrong doing, injustice, weak opponents

My nature is:Good
I am a Member of :The Swordmasters Guild(pending)
My Day Job is:Rook(pending)

My Battle Card

Think Your Tough, I'm a:swordsman
I am Gifted with: (from left to right in the picture above starting with red) Chokubi no kaosu, Kyodai tsunami no nagare, Akuma no yōna kurai nami
I've got Skills:
fire moves

water moves

electric moves

When Flinch summons all of his sword, he is able to use all of them at the same time. similar to killer bee. with just his normal swords, he fights likes zoro roronoa

The One Pulling the Strings:Jakjak12
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Posted 8/24/12 , edited 8/27/12
"All power comes at a price."

General Info
I Am Known As: Kyara Obara Menamenai
I Have Been Alive For: 16 years
I am A: Female
I am Proud to call My Self A: Mubarek Ve Ayma, (Literally Aura of the blessed. More about race below.)
My other Info
My Height is- 4' 9"
My Weight is- 98 lbs
My Eye Color is- Green
My Hair Color is- White
My Sexuality is- Straight
About Me
I act like: Quiet. She rarely speaks. Appears fairly emotionless on the outside.
My Rap Sheet: When she was a child Kyara lived on an island populated by Mubarek Ve Ayma. She was a student at the academy there. When she was fifteen, a year before her graduation, the island was taken by surprise and was destroyed and everyone killed. Kyara is the last of this race. She was found in the ocean by a fisherman and brought back to his village. When she woke, Kyara had no memory, otherwise, she has amnesia. She knew what her powers were, and nothing more. Since then she has been wandering. She has never used the Ayma Form as far as she can remember.
The Mubarek Ve Ayma: A race of people descended from a group of fallen angels called BleedingSong. The angels are all dead now. The angel blood gives everyone of the race a unique Aura power. The power has grown less powerful every time the angel blood is diluted. This race nearly blends in to humans, except for their iridescent eyes and white hair. Kyara is of a nearly pure bloodline, and is thus more powerful than most others in her race were.
I Enjoy: Peace and quite
I Hate: The touch of others. Most other people.
My nature is: Neutral
I am a Member of : Unaffiliated
My Day Job is: Wanderer

My Battle Card
Think Your Tough, I'm a: Magician Assassin
I am Gifted with: A variety of weapons, including the katana, various knives and the sickle and chain. Prefers an enchanted Katana that can cut through anything.
I've got Skills:
1. Water element. (Breath underwater, water shape manipulation, ability to change it from liquid to solid. Relatively pure water only)
2. Fire element (Resistance to burns, Fire shape manipulation.)
3. Shield spell (Temporary force field. Blocks most magic and physical attacks. lasts for up to four minutes)
4. Extended blade (Blade of energy extends from one of Kyara's weapons. Range, twenty feet, lasts twenty seconds.)
5. Flight (White wings sprout from her shoulders. Courtesy of her angel inheritance.)
6. Speed (Allows Kyara to move extra fast for up to a day at a time. Longer than that and she will collapse in exhaustion and fall unconscious. After use Kyara has a tendency to sleep for eight times as long as she used it. This power has a twelve hour cool down.)
7. Sight (Can see things moving at extreme speeds. Can also see most energy flows. Always active in her left eye. The eye is usually closed, for the flow of energy makes her sick when she looks at it for over around 45 minutes. This eye is an iridescent purple with no pupil.)
8.The Sixth Sense (Kyara can sense people around her/behind her. She can sense their movements and the buildup of their energy, alerting her to physical and magical attacks. This ability causes Kyara to stay away from crowds, as in groups larger than twelve, for they are disorienting. She cannot turn this ability off.
9. Extreme strength (I wouldn't call this a abnormal ability, Kyara gained this strength through training. There are three types of muscle, red, white and pink. You're supposed to be born with a set amount of each. Red muscle is for endurance, white muscle for strength and pink for both. Before her memory loss, Kyara managed to convert her muscle into pink muscle.)
10. Barrier Walking (The ability to walk through magical barriers.)
I can become even Stronger:
The Aypa Form (Literally The Aura Form)

Gives Kyara a vast amount of energy, allowing her to quadruple the power and time limit of all her attacks. When it is first activated, the Aura creates an explosion with a radius of five meters that kills all non magically protected living organisms. Also surrounds her with a Aura of pure energy that deflects physical and magical attacks of most varieties. The aura will lash out and attempt to cut anyone who comeswithin ten feet of Kyara while this is activated. Silver blades can pierce the shield, as well as necromancy spells, but the damage taken is reduced by 25%. This form appears to heal Kyara, but in reality the use of the Aypa Form causes severe internal injuries, and after use she tends to sleep for a twelve days or more straight. Unless there is someone trustworthy with her when she comes out of this form, she will die within two days from her injuries. If this is in use for longer than an hour, Kyara will fall into a coma or die.
Arm of Protection
Kyara's right arm is cursed, in a way. If she is knocked unconscious during a fight, the arm will activate. It's a bit like Allen's arm in D. Grey Man, but only has the first form. It will attack anyone within it's range until it's magically bound, damaged too much, or Kyara wakes up. Kyara keeps her right arm gloved to hide it's silverish sheen.

The One Pulling the Strings: Bayanga
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