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~~BATTLE ISLAND~~ No. 1- The MAIN Island
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"There it is." Senshi did not stop his advance, instead he changed his form of attack, he switched the way he held the sheathe of his sword to a reverse grip before preforming a spinning jump, still moving in Norou's direction. The spin made it so that the scabbard would deflect the incoming projectile while the sword would cut straight through the space occupied by Norou's waist.
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29 / M / at the Earls wait
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Norou moved back quickly managing to get away with a shallow cut on his stomach " Hoho" he said using his black threads to stitch the wound and stop the bleeding"I wonder who else I should call?" He then Sorued to Senshi's side where it would be harder for him to try and swing a sword due to the position his body was in, Norou had his hands and fingers in strange positions

"Don't Call anyone Else I got this" Kiri said Soruing up to Senshi's back in the air, pulling the two large scythes off her back at high-speed in a pincer attack(one going from each side meeting in the middle(Senshi) ), as her attack got closer Kiri and Norou suddenly switched places herself now at Senshi's side her scythes going towards his chest and back, while at the same time Norou released several black threads from his hands attemping to stab into Senshi's back

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Senshi had was stuck in a tough spot, his rushed advance had left him open and now he was in a situation where blocking both attacks was impossible and his chances of dodging them were quite low, however, this didn't worry the King to the Swordmasters Guild, he'd seen something earlier which could save him from this tough spot. As the attacks closed in on Senshi, chi suddenly spread throughout his body, this not only strengthened his entire body but also allowed Senshi's muscles to harden to the point where they acted as armor.

"Heh, tough luck." Senshi's voice was strained as his body was not used to the technique but he still sounded quite proud of himself as Norou's own technique forced the incoming attacks to bounce off of Senshi's now iron-hard body. Seeing and opening Senshi seemed to disappear, leaving behind traces of electricity, he became visible again several meters away where he had once again sheathed his sword and returned the scabbard to its place at his waist. He breathed deeply now as he prepared to counter against Norou's as he didn't enjoy the situation that he had just escaped.

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21 / M / in the outskirts...
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Username: jakjak12
Character's Name:Flinch kasunosuke
fire moves

water moves

electric moves

When Flinch summons all of his sword, he is able to use all of them at the same time. similar to killer bee. with just his normal swords, he fights likes zoro roronoa

Weapons: Chokubi no kaosu sword, Kyodai tsunami no nagare sword, Akuma no yōna kurai nami sword

Match Type: Fun

Character You Wish to Fight: shin muramasa: shinsonic,
setanta: carlrules,
sora the legendary red devil: thekon
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