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Posted 1/22/12 , edited 1/22/12
This Thread is for rper who want to do a story mode rp for the group. Post when ya can and whatnot. Here are a few guidelines in this thread.


I'm sure everyone has their own opinion of what literacy is. Here in Dbz: Rebirth of Legend, A standard literate post is approximately 7 sentences (or One paragraph), with decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I Know nobodies prefect and they will be misspelling, grammar errors and stuff like that. And I'm cool that we all do it. But it your all your post are like a elementary school grade then this Rp is not for ya. Not text talk either. Its tacky and One Liners are highly frowned upon for they are not welcome here.

Writer's Block
It happens to the best of us and it highly understandable. What isn't understandable is when it happens all the time. Is it really so hard to write 7 sentences?

Leaving the RP
If you're dissatisfied or get bored with this RP, or suddenly gotten busy, and you want out, please PLEASE notify me. I can't stress this enough. It makes things run much more smoothly, instead of waiting and wondering for two months for a no-show, I won't take offense to your leaving. I'm pretty sure we all been there, I understand. So with that said if you do play "Ghost" and your playing "Ghost" for a while (for like a month) and you have NOT said a thing then I will assume you left and kill off your character in cold blood.


Post at least once a week (basically when u can), unless you're waiting on someone. Otherwise, hang out in the OOC, or even just post there once in a while, so that I know that you haven't disappeared on me.

Characters - Pictures
I accept anime based pictures only. I don't want to see any photographs of real people, or any computer generated pictures like this, because it is incredibly creepy. If you need help finding a picture for your character, I will be more than happy to render assistance.. You have to put the picture of your character with your post, every post, so that the rest of us can more easily identify your character. Not a link, but an actual picture that you don't have to click on to see. Don't use a gigantic picture that takes up nearly the entire page, because that's just an eyesore. Try not to use a single tiny picture, either, because that can be equally annoying.

The OOC thread was made for a reason. I do not want to find half a page made up entirely of OOC comments in the actual RP.

Posting Styles
Please No neon colors in your posting style, they give people headaches. Your posting style doesn't have to be super complicated or fancy either. Sometimes simple can be best. However, if you do want a posting style, but have no clue as to how to go about getting one, feel free to ask about in the OOC. I'm sure at least one person will be able to help you.

A post should like something like this

► Shred Fury ◄

► Shred's phone went off with a funky ringtone and then vibrated right off his desk falling on the floor. The large wolf man rolls over in his comfy bed ,sleeping like a baby. It was his after noon nap which is after his lunch time nap. Shred missed yet another day of work. He has been like this as of late because The Core sent Shred an assistant about a year ago. He asked for back up to fight against Creed and they sent him Shinobu, Shinobu Higurashi. A very very fine piece of a woman in Shred's words.

His right ear wiggled a bit towards the knock at the door. Shred heard it, but he wasnt about to get up. Besides the fact he was having a great dream. He just buried his face in his soft and comfy pillow. If it was Sho, she knew where the spar key was and she knows she can let her self in. Shred started to snore with a goofy smile on his face enjoying his dream. ◄

Mood:[/color] Sleeping/ Being Lazy
Equipped: [color=green] N/A[/color]
Techniques Used:N/A
My Activity: Sleep
Where Am I: My home in South City
Who I'm With: Technically nobody but Shino is at the door
And I'm Thinkin: ZzzzZzzzzZZZZzzz....

This is an ex. Of what i would like post to look like. My first post will look ten times better lol


Are Characters that are Majorly Over Powered and deal with the Rp or a Saga. They are Characters Only to be Played by me(shinsonic23) or a Mod. Theses Characters Can crush you if you get into battle with them. All None Playable Characters will be Labeled NPC at the top of their Character Profile.

The -R-E-M-I-X-

The Story.......

1000s of years ago there was an epic battle. A war against Light and Dark, Good and Bad, Chaos and Harmony. This great war was fought among skilled, cunning, legendary, powerful warriors. Warriors of all different shapes and size, different races and sexes, different clans and teams all fight for 5 objects, items, artifacts of power and rank. These 5 items where a Mask, a Necklace, a Coin, a Sword, and the most sought out of the items was a worn tattered headband with No. 1 on it. These Items held mystical and magic proprieties. Some could destroy cities, others made the barer godly but if you have all 5. You had the universe in the palm of your hand.

The war for these 5 items went on for years until the 5 items where lost to the world and forgotten. A simple children bedtime story. But a very rich man by the name Victor Creed a man who is The World Government. Believed this story to be true and 5 years ago fount one of the 5 legendary items. He calls the 'gifts of the gods'. Victor has recreated and rebirth this war for these items calling it "The Battle-Grounds GrandPrix" which is a free for all battle against a new generation of the worlds bravest, most skilled, and toughest fighters. So will join this great battle and claim your prize or do you have a different goal in mind? Whatever is maybe come fight for glory, power, and the thrill.

Please enjoy and Have Fun in this Rp thread
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