Post Reply If you created a DBZ character what would he/she be like??
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Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/19/08
okay start by creating a name...... the anime it's in (dragon ball, Z, GT a new one w/e)........ and the role your character plays........

here's mines!

Name : Fue-shogun!!!

Anime : Dragon Ball (the new symbol)

Role : after many years of not airing dragon ball this new breed sayian has appeared, FUE SHOGUN!!! he's the birth of using vegetas and gokus cell combined... he's practically a new breed of sayian because he was created after the destruction of evil shenron, and with that destruction all the evil was released and pour throughout the world. only to be absorbed again into a gigantic cloud of hatred! with this hatred and infusion of both the two greatest sayian's power essence Fue shogun was born, at exactly 5:37 mid-west time on wednesday, january 16, 2008. from outter space he landed on the planet PopoKipeeSi in the galaxy-Godzx, raised by extraterrestrial life known as the UNijukens they are a ruthless race who feeds off from surrounding planets, the air on that planet is toxinous to normal human life forms. the gravity there...-5X earths gravity. walking was relatively impossible, you either jump or skip every where since the UNijunkens only had one limb (or at least i think they're limbs^^) well getting back to the story line... fue shogun was rasied not as a son of the couple UNijunkens but as their slave, fue shogun had to defend himself everywhere he went since no life form ever got close to this planet he was the only other know species there. one day the UNijunkens sent him on a scouting mission, that day was January 16,2019 8 years later exact! (got lazy didn't want to make some ridiculous date) the scouting mission was from him to go search the vast planets beyond the atmosphere of his own planet. what the unijunken didnt tell him was that he was to be hunted down and eaten cause he's nice and fat and juicy =) so they killed him....... now Fue shogun is no more and all the evil from dragonball was yet demolished! that's the reason why they never aired DragonBall(oo (infinity sign))

yup yup..... sounds good.... not really...... yup...yup.....
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