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Posted 1/23/12 , edited 1/23/12
| яυℓєѕ |
one. Please Request
too. Please give me TRUTHFUL feedbacks on my Graphics, if its not good I'll be glad to redo it
tree. Please DO NOT erase, crop, or replace my COPYRIGHT & do not re-edit graphic
for. Quote this Forum Please
five. Please don't Rush me.. graphics take a LOAD of time !
six. Payment.. Upload 5 Pics OR add buddies (:
sven. Please CONTINUE to request for my graphics (:

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`avatar (anime&real life)
`banner (anime&real life)
`icon (anime&real life)

| ѕαmpℓє |
{ real life }

{ anime }

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username :
name :
payment (Ctrl+Alt+PrintScrn/SysRq for Screenshot):
gfx type? (anime or real life):
gfx request? (avatar, banner, etc...):
text? :
picture? (in spoiler):
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