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Posted 1/24/12 , edited 1/24/12
(Please leave a comment telling me whether or not you think yours sounds like you! )


ARIES-TAURUS CUSP - (April 19th - April 24th)
She works hard to give her sweetie all that she desires and in return expects a little loving. This girl wants to take care of her family and friends. You’ll live the high life with her. She loves to be praised so let kind words stroke her ego.

TAURUS 1 - (April 25th - May 2nd)
She can be productive if it's something that she feels passionate about. She’ll work really hard to get what she wants but sometimes she just doesn’t know when to stop. This woman is a highly sexual being.

TAURUS 2 - (May 3rd - May 10th)
She loves to learn and make things easy for others to follow. She doesn’t care about power. She is more nature oriented, she’s got a hippy attitude toward life; from all Taureans this one may be the most fair one.

TAURUS 3 - (May 11th - May 18th)
Head over to your box of toys, this girl is fun, creative and always ready to play. She may be a bit cynical but she will be your eternal friend once you’ve broken through her barriers. She’s most attracted to the aggressive yet sensitive type. She loves to have uncomplicated frolics, yet if she’s really into you she’ll be like honey- sweet and sticking to you 'til the delicious end. A keen sense of humor and fast wit are a major turn on for her. She’s easily bored so a sharp, intelligent tongue will keep her interested in the long run.

TAURUS-GEMINI CUSP - (May 19th - May 24th)
She can be really curiously funny wanting to learn all she can about people and life. She’s very active and enjoys doing all sorts of outdoors things. She’ll do almost anything she puts her mind to and is really great at multitasking. She is dynamic and energetic, so if you're interested in this girl, put on your Nike's. Not just anyone is able to keep up with her pace.

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