Post Reply GEMINI - 5 Types
Posted 1/24/12 , edited 1/24/12
(Please leave a comment telling me whether or not you think yours sounds like you! )


TAURUS-GEMINI CUSP - (May 19th - May 24th)
She can be really curiously funny wanting to learn all she can about people and life. She’s very active and enjoys doing all sorts of outdoors things. She’ll do almost anything she puts her mind to and is really great at multitasking. She is dynamic and energetic, so if you're interested in this girl, put on your Nike's. Not just anyone is able to keep up with her pace.

GEMINI 1 - (May 25th - June 2nd)
She makes freedom a priority in her life. She can even turn rebellious and defiant when she feels her liberties slipping away. She’s a fighter that stands up for what she believes and works hard not only to liberate herself but others as well.

GEMINI 2 - (June 3rd - June 10th)
She was born during a time of transition therefore she feels many of the things that come with change: excitement, uncertainty, promise. She is very direct and outspoken. She loves to debate and discuss and is very good at charming and dismantling her opposition.

GEMINI 3 - (June 11th - June 18th)
Adventure is one of this girl’s main passions. She is especially into adventures that involve physical activity. Her physicality lead her to at times be restless and seek to be unattached. You will do well not to try to be possessive with this type of girl.

GEMINI-CANCER CUSP - (June 19th - June 24th)
This is a girl known for her developed sense of motivation. She can get very inspired to carry on whatever she desires but she remains humble within the process. This sometimes may make people think that she is less dynamic or profound than what she really is.

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