Post Reply VIRGO - 5 Types
Posted 1/24/12 , edited 1/24/12
(Please leave a comment telling me whether or not you think yours sounds like you! )


LEO-VIRGO CUSP - (August 19th - August 25th)
She finds it fun to be very secretive. You know when she’s attracted to you by the way she flirts mercilessly with you. If she likes you she’ll tell you what you want to know when she feels it’s the right time. But be careful, this girl has an explosive temper and should be handled with care.

VIRGO 1 - (August 26th - September 2nd)
She’s the girl you can always depend on when everything in your world is chaotic. Her gentle ways cast a spell on you. She's beautiful inside and out. You’ll want to marry this girl but so do all the others. She tends to be attracted to those whose life is in drastic need of organization.

VIRGO 2 - (September 3rd - September 10th)
Because she seems easy going some may think she is a pushover but beware, if you push too much she’ll bite! She values those who are responsible and hard working. Normally blessed with hot looks, when she’s attracted to someone she’ll get them with her seductive way. Rarely does this girl not get what she wants.

VIRGO 3 - (September 11th - September 18th)
She may come off as cold but this is more to protect her sensitive heart. She is attracted to those who are strong and in control. She will only reveal her true self to those she deems worthy of trusting. She doesn’t like it when people are down on themselves. So if you want to be with this girl, show her you can handle constructive criticism.

VIRGO-LIBRA CUSP - (September 19th - September 24th)
She loves beautiful things: good looking people, art, anything that is eye candy to her. To get what she wants she’ll smooth talk anyone and use her sensual-ness as a weapon. This might make some think she is superficial, and maybe at times she is, but do we really care?
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