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Posted 1/24/12 , edited 1/24/12
(Please leave a comment telling me whether or not you think yours sounds like you! )


LIBRA-SCORPIO CUSP - (October 19th - October 25th)
She’s really honest so if you don’t want to hear the truth of how she feels don’t ask. She is dramatic and sensual. When she’s fallen for you this girl will not let go even when it becomes painfully obvious she should. She can be impulsive and wild which is part of her charming allure.

SCORPIO 1 - (October 25th - November 2nd)
She’s a funny girl with an excellent sense of humor. Once she’s made sure you are a true friend she is there for you in your time of need. If you catch her eye she will charm the hell out of you. Problem is, can you handle her once she stings you with so much love and passion? Our hearts go out to whomever she captivates in her seductive ways.

SCORPIO 2 - (November 3rd - November 11th)
Nothing about this girl is common. She’s a deep thinker and very passionate about life. She can be a slave to pleasure and may be attracted to those who are wounded spiritually, it’s as if she feels driven to help them.

SCORPIO 3 - (November 12th - November 18th)
She tends to attract attention everywhere she goes with her love of philosophy and poetry. She can easily manipulate anyone she wants. She loves to pamper herself with exotic trips.

SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS CUSP - (November 19th - November 24th)
This girl has the wild sensual side of Scorpio that can keep you intoxicated and begging for more. As if that’s not enough, she also has the fun adventurous side of Sagittarius. Although she isn’t exactly the romantic type, she can make her partner feel loved with actions rather than words. Her killer sense of humor can make you laugh 'til your tummy aches. This sweet rebellious soul doesn’t like drama and people who are cliché. So keep it simple and fun and you’ll be amazed.
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