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Posted 1/24/12 , edited 1/24/12
(Please leave a comment telling me whether or not you think yours sounds like you! )


SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS CUSP - (November 19th - November 24th)
This girl has the wild sensual side of Scorpio that can keep you intoxicated and begging for more. As if that’s not enough, she also has the fun adventurous side of Sagittarius. Although she isn’t exactly the romantic type, she can make her partner feel loved with actions rather than words. Her killer sense of humor can make you laugh 'til your tummy aches. This sweet rebellious soul doesn’t like drama and people who are cliché. So keep it simple and fun and you’ll be amazed.

SAGITTARIUS 1 - (November 25th - December 2nd)
This independent girl likes to march to a different beat. She feels happiest being free to think and do as she wants. She loves her freedom and needs to be with someone who enjoys it as much as she does. She loves exploring new things and places. She’s attracted to the mysterious type.

SAGITTARIUS 2 - (December 3rd - December 10th)
This woman is unique. You might try to categorize her but she’s far too different and varied in her interests to be pegged. If you’re looking for originality look no further. But be ready to agree with her often and go with her flow. Otherwise you could get washed away in her tide.

SAGITTARIUS 3 - (December 11th - 18th)
A presence you can’t ignore, this is what this woman is about. No matter where you put her she will shine and let her presence be known. But she’s more about getting attention by her actions as she tends to be the quiet type.

SAGITTARIUS-CAPRICORN CUSP - (December 19th - December 25th)
If you’re looking for someone who likes to initiate, you’ve found her. This woman is all about stirring and igniting things up. She’s intense, sometimes a bit too much, so if you want things to remain hot with this girl you need to be on your heals and keep cool.
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