Group Rules
Posted 1/24/12 , edited 1/24/12
They are totally as intimidating as they might look.

1.) FIRST OF ALL, please be nice to each other. - No fighting, harassment of any kind, and PLEASE cut back on the useless quoting. If you don't think it's useless, that's one thing, but's so fucking annoying.

2.) Do not post offensive pictures. Basically, CR's description of "offensive," because this is still their site. >_>
You can find what I'm talkin' 'bout here -->

3.) No flooding picture comment boxes, GB, member's inboxes (I will need visible proof of this. Know how to make a screen shot? If not, please Google it. I would tell you how but some keyboards are different, and I don't understand the one I'm using right now -_-" if a member wants to report another member to me and has visible proof, they may PM me with said proof and I will handle it in ways I have posted at the end of this thread) and forum threads. 2 or more comments/posts in a row are prohibited. You've got your handy-dandy edit/delete button right there. Please use it when you need it.

4.) Ain't really a rule, but I hope you have fun.

Anything else I think of, I'll post here. Basically, be cool like I know most of you know how to be, and we won't have any issues. HOWEVER, failure to follow these rules:

ONCE - Warning.
TWICE - Temporary ban
THRICE (lol.."thrice") - PERMA-BAN. WHAM. UNCLE SAM. Be good, please.

And that's it. Peace. You're goin' to jail now.

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