Most Aspiring Freelance and Independent Films
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Posted 1/24/12 , edited 1/25/12
Here, you can discuss your favorite freelance and independent films, whether they be long or short. What is your favorite? Who's your favorite freelance film maker.

My absolute favorite right now is an artist called Liron Peer. If you haven't watched her short film, Lady Ice, I HIGHLY recommend it. She hand-drew this stuff. Her artwork could rival Disney's in quality.
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There really isn't any.
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Posted 5/2/12 , edited 5/2/12
indie films: virgin suicides, show me love, welcome to the rileys, remember me (hmm not sure if that's indie actually, but it's got that kind of feel to it), cutters, thirteen (who can ever forget thirteen? don't know why hardwicke went on to do twilight of all things).
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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 6/29/12
M Dot Strange is as Indie as you can get. He puts Pixar to shame by creating entire 3d animated movies by himself with crazy fast production times due to having a zen like discipline for film-making.

I highly suggest you watch his latest flick, Heart String Marionette. I keep telling the world because that movie seriously changed my life. The IMDB description doesn't really explain what the movie is about. The trailers don't do it justice either. I say just take a watch and be ready to be blown away by a hauntingly beautiful story and soundtrack that is so radically different it will make you question a lot of stuff about filmmaking and just the world in general.

It makes you kind of wake up and leaves you speechless for a bit. Its bizarre but its engaging. Its easy to relate to even though the landscape of the world is dramatically different from our own. It makes you wonder what the hell someone like Tim Burton would be like if he had complete creative freedom and no strings attached to him.

And Heart String Marionette is soo beautiful to watch. If you are all about inspiring indie films this is the definition of that because M Dot placed such a high mark for Indie Film production that everyone will be forced to step up their game. If he can do, anyone can do it. And that's what makes his movies so amazing. He taught himself everything. He does everything. And he does it so well that he created a studio quality movie outside the realm of hollywood complete with a kick *** soundtrack that's worthy of an academy award.
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