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Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/19/08
Hi thought that as I was looking at what people have or want to own that the Virtual Console should be on its own for a thread so I hope that's OK.

For the moment I own:

-Bomberman 93 for the TurboGrafx 16
-Tecmo Bowl for the NES
-Fatal Fury for the Neo Geo

I looked and likely on my to get list with what's there at the moment:
-Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES
-Spatterhouse and World Class Baseball for the TG 16
-Golden Axe 1-3, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3, Streets of Rage 1-3, Toe Jam and Earl, and Virtua Fighter for SEGA Genesis
-Magician Lord and (TOP OF MY LIST) King of Fighters 94 for the NEO GEO

Once I get a classic controller (I sadly had no Gamecube as I had a PS2 only) I will then also look at the SNES and N64 games (though I did own an N64 so it would have to be something I didn't own).

BTW I do hope for more NEO GEO stuff that was hard to find. PLEASE MORE KING OF FIGHTER GAMES AND SAMURAI SHOWDOWN TOO!

Take care!
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Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/19/08
I've got mario kart 64 (a real letdown), shining force, and link and the mask of something.
Gonna get sonic games cause sonic PWNS XD
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