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Posted 1/27/12 , edited 1/27/12
I use crunchy roll for only one purpose. An I pay for this service. To watch anime on my iPhone. Since the beginning of my subscription I have had a problem where the video has randomly stopped mid episode and just restarted from the beginning of the show. The scrubber still shows that it's playing from where it messed up. So even if you continue watching it will stop at 24 minutes, or whenever it says the episode is over, cutting off the rest of the show. You must reload the video and scrub to where you left off every time, hoping it doesn't happen again.

I just spent 14 minutes watching 2 minutes of video because I this. I had to reload the episode 28 times for those 2 minutes.

Why am I paying for this service?
I don't foresee that I'll keep my sub much longer I this keeps up.
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Posted 1/27/12 , edited 1/27/12
I'm closing and locking this as the information is available in numerous other threads.

We're sorry for the trouble this has caused you. What we know so far about this problem is that it only affects devices with iOS 5 installed and that fixing this on our end may involve re-encoding all of our videos. I assure you that we are actively looking into this problem and will have it resolved as soon as we figure out the root cause of the problem.

In the meantime, when this happens, you will need to do the following to fix the problem.

Double tap the Home button to bring up the Multitasking bar
Press and hold anywhere on the multitasking bar until the icons on it start to wiggle.
While they are wiggling, each icon has a Minus sign symbol above it.
Press the Minus symbol above the Crunchyroll app to close it down.
Then open up the Crunchyroll app again and re-play the video you were watching.
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