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Select your Rose and Dominion
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20 / F / Hell
Posted 3/27/12 , edited 3/28/12
Name:Chi suzuki
Age of character::17
What Rose are you from:Black
Type of Dominion:human
Biography:She grow up in a poor family but they were beautiful.She was the most beautiful in her family and the most deadly of all those.There the queen took her from her mother and raised her as her own
Personality:Shy,Timid,Dark,Queit,,Myterious,and Deadly

Name:X shimizu
Age of character::1699 human years:19
What Rose are you from:Black rose
Type of Dominion:Vampire
Biography:She grow up only knowing of vampires and a colffin.One the day of her 19th birthday she was now allowd to leave her room and speak with humans
Personality:Stroung minded,Shy,Sweet,Violent,and anger problems

Name:Aqua night
Age of character::20
What Rose are you from:Yellow
Type of Dominion:Human
Biography:Aqua fight for the rest of his life also healed those in need of it.She nevered once thought of death nor life.Aqua only cared to save her kingdom and to help fight againts the enemys
Personality:Caring,Loving,Smart,Violent,Weak hearted,and Crazy

Name:Hana Knight
Age of character::18
What Rose are you from:blue
Type of Dominion: Shapeshifter

Name:Soul midnight
Age of character::17
What Rose are you from:Blue roses
Type of Dominion:Human
Biography:Do later
Personality:Quiet,Crazy,Funny,Caring,Loving,Sweet,and Happy
Postion:Hunter assasin

Posted 4/4/12 , edited 4/5/12
Username: SexyWolf19
Name: Catrina De'Lancy
Age of character:: Unknown
What Rose are you from: Red
Type of Dominion: Vampire
Biography: Catrina is a fair Queen willing to help when she can, she is loyal to her husband and those who need her. She's always been a "royal" so to speak.
Personality: Loyal, caring, somewhat shy at times, mean when she needs to be

Postion: Queen
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25 / M / Maryland, U.S.A.
Posted 5/22/12 , edited 5/22/12
Username: ThatGuyNamedChris

Name: Cruento Cruentus (Literally means: To stain with crimson blood)

Age: ???

Rose: Red

Dominion: Vampire

Biography: Being the strongest prince of the Red roses he grew up to be very privilaged. He is powerful by himself, but his title gives him an even bigger fear factor to his enemies. He is a warrior at heart who never backs down from a fight. He has the ability to summon armor and weapons. All have a different effect. (Will be explained individually).

Personality: Kindhearted, but can be easy to provoke

Postion: Prince


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