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So, this game is kinda like Name The Idols, but this time we won't have images or the full band. We will be guessing the Korean idol by explaining what they look like, what band they are in, if they ever acted and stuff like that. I guess it's like 20 questions lololz . Well this is just for a bit of fun, nae? ^^

Lets start

I'll make it an easy one lololz xD

She is in SNSD
She was blonde
She lived in America
And is also known as Ice Princess

Don't forget to do another idol after answering the one above ^^
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Jessica Jung

She is in 2ne1
She is blonde
Her name is 2 letters
She was born in Seol, South Korea
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He is in U-Kiss
He had blonde hair at one point
His is known as the Angelic one
He is one of the main vocals
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Kevin Woo <3

He is in SHINee
He has shaved half his hair off
His name is something you use to open a door
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he is in CN blue
he is the shortest one
his ex wife is SNSD member
his weapon is guitar
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YongHwa (I'm Guessing Lol....Aww he's the shortest ?!?! Huhu)

She is in SNSD
She is known as the dancing queen
She is very funny
She now has blonde hair
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HYO ! ♥

she is in BEG
her haircut is boyish
she si not an vocalist in her group
her album just came out and one of the song calles 'dirty'
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