2012 Royal Rumble PPV Report
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Posted 1/28/12 , edited 1/29/12
Hey all andy1 here.

This is were tomorrow you can check here for the PPV Report for the 2012 Royal Rumble . Please note this PPV will be covered by both myself and trigunkwan in 2 parts. This one which will deal with the non rumble matches and another part that will cover the rumble itself and cover things for the Rumble Pool that trigunkwan created for folks to enter.

So check back tomorrow for results and little bit of observation as things come to hand .

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Posted 1/29/12 , edited 1/30/12
Hey everone hope your all ready and waiting for the start of tonights Royal Rumble . I'm one half of your PPV coverage tonight andy covering the non rumble matchs for tonights PPV

- The pre-Royal Rumble dark match saw Yoshi Tatsu defeat Heath Slater.

2012 Royal Rumble

And our first match for this evening...


World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Triple Threat Match:
Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. The Big Show

The Daniel Bryan chants start the match and somewhere in the depths of the crowd, a continuous BAM SON chant is simmering. Daniel Bryan quickly runs up the turnbuckle, but Henry pulls him down, and Show shoulder blocks his ass. Show goes for a pin but Henry breaks it up. Bryan rolls out of the way and Show and Henry lock horns. Henry is between the cage and the ropes as Show smiles. Show just crunshes him against the cage, not once, not twice, but three times! On the third one, Daniel Bryan tries to climb the cage but Show is there to pull him down with a body slam. Show goes for a chop, then sends Bryan into the corner and hits one. Another chop in the opposite corner. Show just tosses Bryan to the cage like a dart then calls for the WMD but Bryan moves and he socks the cage! Bryan tries to take advantage but Show just pushes him down then we get a headbutt. Show with a toss to the corner, but Bryan moves and clips the knee! Bryan sees Henry and goes on the offense with some hard kicks to the kneed Henry. One swift kick to the head then he hits a low dropkick into Show's face! The door is open!!! Daniel Bryan tries to leave, but here's Henry to stop it! Bryan is between the ropes and cage now. Henry smasshes his face against it He slingshots Bryan into the cage then turns into a SUPERKICK from Big Show! Sweet Double Chin Music!!! Bryan goes up top again, but Henry pulls him and tosses him against the cage! Bryan tries to fight him, but Show begins clubbing on the back of Bryan!! He tosses Bryan to the cage then hits a nice body slam! Show with a headbutt! Henry is up! A couple rights and a clothesline knocks the Big Show down! Henry stomps on Bryan then stands on his chest! Damn, that's a heavy heart. eh? EH?

Henry tosses Bryan to the cage as it appears he is the lawn dart of the match. Henry goes for the avalanche splash, but Bryan ducks and Henry runs into the cage! Henry turns right into a hard right from Show and both big men are down! Bryan goes for the pin! 1...2..NO! Show is up and tosses Bryan to opposite sides of the cage. Show calls for the chokeslam! NO! Bryan kicks the leg! Show tosses him to the corner and Bryan is able to hit a Tornado DDT. Pin for 1...2..NO! La Bell Lock from Bryan!!!! Henry breaks the hold! Henry tosses him to the cage then looks to go for the Strongest Slam, but there's Show to break it up! Bryan pin but only gets a two! Bryan runs up top then hops over the cage! But Show is there to hold him up by the head!!! Bryan tries to fight out of it! He's atop the cage. He socks Cage and is about to climb out!! He's dangling!!! Show isn't allowing it!! He's holding him single handedly! Bryan is hanging from Show's hand!! haha. Ah, he falls to the mat and retains his title!

Winner Daniel Bryan wins via Escape retains World Heavyweight Title

Bryan sits atop the ramp and screams out YES!! to celebrate his win!

(Steady opener and Bryan escapes again with his title in tact by taking advantge of the escape rule . Most of the action was between him and show possibly due to Henry not being 100%.)

A preview of media rounds that Cena has made and a spotlight on his rise

Next match up an 8 DIva tag team match

Divas Tag Team Match:
The Bella Twins, Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly,Eve,Alicia Fox and Tamina
Tamina and natalya to start. Headlock takedown from Nattie then a whip and we got a stalemate till natty pulls the hair. Natalya with a slap, and Tamina fires back with a chop then a headbutt and a pin for 1...2..NO! Tamina tags in Eve. Eve pops her ass then we get a horrible standing Moonsault into a pin for 2. Nattie is up, though and sends her to the corner. Nattie smacks her then tags in Beth. Beth with a whip but Eve flips over and we get a kick, another. A clothesline into a front flip but Beth puts the knees up! Beth with a kick to the gut of Eve and drives a few elbows into Eve's side then gets a pin for 1...2..NO!!! Beth sends Eve to the corner then tags in Bella 1. Bella with a knee to the back of the head of Eve. A kick to the hanging Eve then a pin. 1...2..NO! Bella 1 with a chin lock. Eve fights out and tags in Alicia. Alicia with a dropkick, then another! Alicia stomps a mudhole!! We get the twin magic and Bella 2 sends Alicia to the corner then chokes her up on the rope. Arm twist then Bella slams it down! We get a half chickenwing chinlock. She's out of it and a tag to Kelly! Kelly with a Hurricanrana that lasts too long. Kelly with a handspring elbow into a bulldog and a pin for 1...2...Bella 1 kicks out.Eve is in to send her out. Nattie sends Eve to the outside. All hell breaks loose as Kelly is left alone in the ring. She is going up top as all Divas are outside. She flies and is caught by all of them. That was lackluster. Kelly and Bella are in the ring. Beth slaps Bella hard, tagging herself in and goes for the Glam Slam on Kelly! She ihts it! 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Beth Phoenix, The Bella Twins and Natalya

(Thought we might get something like this added on the PPV.Gets the Diva's on the show and the right team won )

In the back, Zack Ryder is in a back brace and wheelchair. Johnny Ace is there to welcome him to his own dressing room with a TV and food. If there is anything that Ryder needs, just let him know and he'll get it. Here's Eve, fresh off her win. She says that Johnny has done enough. As far as she is concerned, he's vindictive, pompous and ugly. Ok, she didn't say ugly. She hopes he's fired tomorrow. He mockingly calls it gratitude. Eve calls him an a** then gets pushing duty for Ryder.

John Cena vs. Kane
Kane does his flames pre-matche. Cena starts with a kick then we get some rights only to run into a back elbow from Kane! Kane sends Cena to the corner then gets in an uppercut and some rights to the gut in the corner. Kane with some kicks as the Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants start. Cena is fighting back! he hits the ropes and clotheslines Kane over the ropes! Kane pulls him out and hits an uppercut ringside. Cena sends Kane to the stairs, knee first. Cena goes for the AA, but Kane is too heavy and he rolls off of him after hitting Cena in the head. Kane lifts Cena up and sends him to the corner. A hard right to the chin! Another to the face! On e more to the chest! Kane steps on the head of Cena then hits a dropkick to the face of Cena. Pin for 1...2..NO! Cravat from behind. Cena is up, he turns into it and hits a knee. Cena is fighting out. They trade right hands. Cena wins the exchange but only shortly as he runs right into an uppercut. Kane pins for 1...2..NO!!! Kane with a suplex! Pin for 1...2...NO!!! Kane, from behind with a chinlock. Cena fights out of it by using the powers of the crowd!!! He kicks Kane and hits a right to the temple of Kane, but again, Kane knocks him down with a single punch. Kane sends Cena to the corner and hits a clothesline in the corner. Kane calls for the chokeslam. Nope! Drop Toe Hold sends Kane to the corner. Cena goes for the bulldog, but Kane sends him flying damned near out of the ring. Kane goes after Cena, but Cena hangs him up on the ropes! Cena flies in only to run right into a clothesline. Kane is looking at his gloved hand. He looks to be going for the facehold, but Cena is trying to prevent it! He's unable to, and Kane brings Cena to his knees! Cena quickly turns it into an STF!!! Kane powers out and Cena runs...right into Sidewalk Slam. Kane is up top! He's gonna fly!!!! Flying Clothesline!!! Kane calls for the chokeslam! Cena ducks under and hits a shoulder block. Another! Protobomb. Kane cannot possibly fathom visually the image of Cena!!!! Oh but yes he can! Kane reaches up with a Goozle!!! Cena breaks it and Kane with a Big Boot! Pin for 1...2...NO!!

Kane sends Cena headfirst into the turnbuckle then hits an uppercut. Kane puts Kane up top. Kane and Cena are both atop the turnbuckle. Cena sends Kane flying off! Cena is up top! He stands tall and smiles Five Knuckle Shuffle from the top rope! He's waitin for it. He calls for the AA, but Kane elbows Cena in the jaw! Cena with a dropkick to the legs of Kane. Kane goes down. Cena pulls the leg, going for the STF, but Kane just pushes him off with the leg and sends Cena to the outside. Cena gets hit with a shoulderblock against the apron. Kane sends Cena up the ramp and the ref hits the ten count.
Winner: No Contest

Cena picks up a huge light and nails Kane with it. Cena with a right, and they're near the top ramp, now. Kane and Cena, fighting near the techs. In the back now, and Kane hits an uppercut to Cena. Kane yells for Cena to give it up...Cena comes back with some kicks and sends Kane into some trash cans. The trash don't phase Kane none! He grabs a chair and gets a gut check into Cena. Kane wails on the back of Cena a couple of times then tosses the chair aside and we see the door to Zack Ryder's dressing room...Kane kicks the door in, literally and Ryder is in the chair. He tries to kick Kane but Kane just muzzles him with his hand, and it appears that's enough to daze him.? Kane rolls Ryder out of the room and it looks like he's heading to the outside.

Near the end of the ramp, Kane just pushes foreward, sending Ryder to the floor. He lifts him up by his backbrace and rolls him into the ring. Kane toys with him and here comes Eve.? Eve pleads for Kane to stop. She's begging. Kane looks to Tombstone Ryder. He looks at Eve, grins, and we get a Tombstone! Ryder is laid out as Eve cries. Kane stands and looks towards Eve, but here's Cena! He runs in and hits Kane in the gut then tries to lift him up for the AA but cant! Kane with a chokeslam!!!

(Well the ending shows this feud continues into next month and poor Ryder is the one to suffer Kane's wrath again. Expect a stipulation possibly either Falls count Anywhere or Last Man Standing next time Cena and Kane face off I'm guessing)

Kane leaves as Ryder gets the stretcher job and Cena is resting aside the ropes. The announcers get the "Super Low Voice of Seriousness" as Eve looks back at Cena with an accusing face

We get a hype of The Rock's upcoming projects and his wrestling history intertwined.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. Oh great, it's with Brodus! Brodus is green and he's T-Rexin down to the ring. This should be short. Poor Drew. McIntyre calls this a disgrace form the outside. Funkasaurus chant, and his trunks have a Jurassic Park like logo.

Singles Match:
Drew McIntyre vs. Brodus Clay
Drew blows a kiss to the girls, and Brodus no likey. This gives Drew the chance to hit some offense! He gets some right and a few kicks in the corner, but Brodus shows some ferocity and headbutts Drew down! T-Bone suplex! Splash into the corner, he hits the ropes, What the Funk and the pin for 1...2...3!!!!
Winner: Brodus Clay

(Another added late match.The push of the Funkasuarus continues )

* WWE Title Match: CM Punk © vs. Dolph Ziggler
John Lauranitis came out before the match and said in the interest of fairness he was going to be the outside the ring referee instead of inside.
Here. We. Go! Lokcup and CM Punk gets a quick roll up for 1. Fingers laced and Dolph kicks Punk. He goes for the Fameasser, but misses and Punk raises him up in a Fireman's. Stalemate as both men stand. Lockup, again, and Dolphs is against the ropes. Punk with a right hand. Kick to the thigh, another. Float over from Dolp into a go behind. Dolph hits the ropes, Dolph is about to fly over, Punk stands, Dolph holds the ropes! Flair strut...nice! Dolph shoots, but Punk wihth a roll up for 1...2..NO! Punk quickly tries to apply the Anaconda Vice but Dolph pulls himself to the ropes. Test of strength, Punk with a go behind into an abdominable stretch. Punk hilariously wipes his hair back and tosses the sweat to Dolph's face. Punk sets up for a suplex but instead just hangs Dolph up on the top rope. Dolph is on the outside and Punk dives right through the ropes into Dolph!! Punk sends Dolph back into the ring, and he's going up top, but OH there's Dolph to trip him up! Punk bounces off the top rop onto the mat and Ziggler pins for 1...2...NO!!! Dolph with a kick to the face of the fallen punk. He lifts Punk up into a neckbreaker then drops a few elbows onto Punk. OK, more than a few. Pin. 1...tw-NOOO! Dolph with a side headlock from behind. Punk turns it into a back suplex. Both men down. Dolph is up at three and then Punk. They trade blows. Punk with a knee, Dolph with a kick, Punk with a double chop. Ziggler hits the ropes and rolls right into a Sleeper Hold, but Punk pulls him foreward and goes for the Anaconda Vice again! Dolph rolls out of it and back into a Sleeper Hold! Punk uses Dolph's leg for momentum and tosses Dolph off of him. Dolph lands on his feet, then hits a nice a dropkick to Punk! Pin for 1...2..NO!!! Dolph looks to finish this as he goes for the Fameasser, but Punk catches him and hits a spinning powerbomb! NICE! 1...2..NOOOO!!! So close! Punk on the offense with some chops and a kick into a heel kick. Swinging neckbreaker! Dolph is in the corner. Punk with a high running knee into a bulldog. Punk calls for NIGHT NIGHT!!! He lifts Dolph up but Dolph hops off and slingshots Punk to the corner! Punk holds on and flies off with a cross body, but Dolph rolls that into a pin for 1...2..NO!!! Dolph goes for a Zig Zag but Punk holds the ropes! Punk turns and BAM! High kick to the head!!! 1...2...NO!!!!

Punk with a body slam.He goes up top, but stares a hole through Ace first. Macho Man Elbow Drop and a pin for 1...2..NO!!! Thank You, Savage chant. Punk lifts Dolph up, but Dolph flies off and pushes Punk right into the ref! Arm drag by Punk into the Anaconda Vice! He locks it in, and Dolph is tapping! Ace is outside trying to get the ref up. Punk calls for him from in the ring. Here's Dolph with a roll up! Ah, but Punk reverses that and gets a roll up of his own for 1...2...3!!! But Ace doesn't see it!!! Dolph stands and Punk hits him with a right then looks over to Ace. Punk is Pi******! He calls for Ace to count the pin! Punk lifts up Ziggler for the G2S! Punk swings Dolph right into Ace, sending him outside! Punk hits the G2S then pins, but the ref isn't looking!!! Ace is yelling from the outside. Punk yells that he just beat Dolph three times! He lifts Dolph up again, goes for the G2S....DOLPH Reverses tout of it with a Fameasser!!!! 1....2.....NOOOOOO!!! Wowza! Dolph clubs on the back of Punk's head, showing frustration! He drops some elbows to the shoulder of Punk then beats on the head of Punk! Dolph tries for another Fameasser, but Punk turns it into a slingshot! Dolph flies off the turnbuckle right into the Go 2 Sleep! Pin for 1...2....(Johnny Ace rolls into the ring and counts along with the ref).....3!!!!
Winner: CM Punk (***3/4)

John Laurinitis grabs the title and hands hands it to the ref then goes up top and claps for Pun

(Strong match and so far the match of the night.Both guys worked hard and the special referee factor was not a heavy factor in the outcome.Hopefully we get another Punk-Ziggler encounter soon)

(Quick summary before we switch over to the Rumble.A mixed bag as far as the non Rumble matchs go,Cage match was limited presumbly due to Mark Henry carrying an injury but the outcome was the right one.Cena-Kane continues onwards and poor Ryder is the fall guy. The added matches were as they were mostly getting folks on PPV.Punk=Ziggler was the best match by far and something positive moving into the rumble)

There you have it folks now to switch over to trigunkwan who'll be covering the main event Royal Rumble.Til next time enjoy folks.
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