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It’s the fight between the Allies and the Axis during World War 2 gone crazy! This cute story follows Italy, the representative and embodiment of the country Italy, and his friends Japan, and Germany as they create the Axis while America, England, France, China, and Russia create the Allies and fight against each other. The story may seem hard core war but with the stereotype heavy show like this, it makes for a world of laughs!
(The person who made this discription up ^^ )

My thoughts:
Well to me Hetalia: axis powers is a great show i've watched it over 100 times ,very funny steryo-types in the show like the countries accents and the way they act,it's also a very cute storylines(Chibitalia is one of them) Chibitalia is when italy was young and what his life was like when he was just a little contry,although putting chibitalia in was sorta confusing me with the actual axis powers.Either way it's very good um and also with America's closet about how he got his independence was good as well another thing they added into hetalia :Axis powers. Now when it comes to English and Japanese i cant say much because to me they are both very good and funny although with Japanese you cant here their accents.It makes the show more funnier to me,but thats just me and Japanese version is funny too.So i cant really say much.....
Um thats really all i have to say for this i'm new to Crunchyroll so im going to keep trying to make these until i'm more comfortable and know what to say.I'm very sorry for my bad review i'm not as good at this.
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