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Possible Release Dates
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Posted 1/28/12 , edited 1/29/12
As we all know or have heard Guild Wars 2 will be released sometimes 2012 so what are your picks of the official release date. Open Beta sometimes in March or April while German version of Amazon has announced June 30th 2012.
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Posted 1/30/12 , edited 1/31/12
I honestly haven't been keeping up with the whole Guild Wars 2 thing as my computer can barely handle the World of Warcraft.
However, now that I'll be getting a new gaming computer... been keeping tabs on & off.
Logically a summer release would ensure the most subscribers & allow for players the maximum amount of time they can put into the game. With the beta just starting soon... I seriously doubt it.

Then they may be waiting to see what Blizzard does with Mists of Pandaria, progression & current status of The Old Republic, and any other potential MMO competition does between now & their release date goal. Probably some other factors as well, of course.

As far as beta impact goes...
Feb: Press beta
Mar OR Apr: General beta scheduled to begin
General beta, unless I'm mistaken, progressively increases in access/population over time until closer to release when server stress testing and what-not begins (much like The Old Republic did until the last dang second before release).

May/June/July seems like it would be way too early in the beta phase.
August would probably be closer to the final beta phases. Possible release opportunity though.
September to finalize everything otherwise. Maybe do a "head start" for those who pre-ordered.
So... Oct-Dec 2012 if I had to gamble when it'll actually be released. No way would it be earlier than August.
Of course, this assumes the proverbial "shit" doesn't "hit the fan" and cause further delays until 2013+.
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Posted 3/21/12 , edited 3/21/12
The middle choice, because im so lazy!
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