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NPCs & Support Characters

I will now specify the difference between the two types of NPCs, which mean None Playable Character, and the difference between NPCs and Support Characters. As you know NPCs are technically Support Characters used to support or add some UMPH to the Storyline. But what makes NPCs more then just someone there to fill in the details, is how detailed and/or powerful they are.

The natural or common type of NPC is the NPC that is created just to be there in the story line. They are very detailed and strong in their own way (ex: background, personality, etc). These types of NPCs are Character Purpose NPCs, that are given life and add purpose or flair to someone's character. An example of this type of NPC is Victor Creed.

The second type of NPC is the NPC with just as much detail but are there to knock around the odds of survival. They are powerful, usually big rollers or the lone wolf of the group with something to give or something to loose. An example of this type of NPC is The Gorosei.

Support Characters are lightly detailed enough to give your righting a good bit of detail. A good example is that your character is getting ready to eat and a waiter comes up to take your order. That waiter, the people in the background sitting, minding their own business and eating. They are all Support Characters, so that your writing is not bland and somewhat empty. These Support Characters are there to make the writing a good and realistic enough to catch attention.

Now, only the Mods and the creator are allowed to use and create the NPCs of this group. If you have any ideas on a NPC then feel free to pm shinsonic23 or a Mod with you idea. Some times I may give a NON-Mod permission to use the NPC for an event and such.
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The Gorosei

The Gorosei are made up 3 rich and powerful business people. They are the figure heads of The World Government. They are feared and well respected around the world as they control the 7 continents. Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Nomrally they vote of all maters but it seem that Victor Creed rules with an iron fist.

Victor Elatus Creed

Unknown Age
Omnipotence Being
Gold Eyes
Sliver Hair

From the moment the first man was born unto the planet, Elatus was given life. For eons arrogance, pride, and greed ruled the planet as man sought to conquer and prove who was best. These conceptual thoughts roamed and grew over time as the population of the world grew. Until finally the sheer amount of them began to leak into the world as power energies. The energies grew as the planet cried out with it, amassing them at one point where they merged and gave life to the being known as Elatus.

Elatus has had many alias over the 1000s of 1000s of years. His favorite is Victor Creed. He poses as a well known business man. The very Rich and powerful type and Leader/Head over the whole North American continent. Some even say he is the richest man on Earth. Which makes Him above the law because he is the law. Victor is very smart, cunning, sly and very knowledgeable. He is very manipulative. Someone who could steal candy from a baby, And bribe the baby to shut up. Creed's plans are unclear at the moment but he does want all 5 Legendary Items for him self.

As the personification of mans arrogance, pride and greed, Elatus is naturally extremely condescending. Choosing not to even acknowledge you unless he deems worth, he goes one step further, sometimes actually forgetting that a person is even in the area/room with him if deemed unworthy. If provoked Elatus will go out of his way to tell you how he feels about you, usually as he is beating you to a pulp.


Being an Omnipotence Being, Creed is highly powerful. The only know people who has ever hurt him was a samurai who gave Elatus a scar over his right eye. Creed doesnt have a fighting style or any of that. He was simply just kick your ass. Tho it is known that Creed uses Ki to do battle with. Victor is immune to all types of Magic, Mind control, Poisons, Telepathic, Telekinesis, and he has a very high Regeneration power that rivals The Legendary Coin - The Suzaku Coin .

Brawler & Gunner
IMBEL M1911 x 2
- She keeps these in a double holster on the back of her belt on her pants. She normally uses the standard size clips, but also has used extended drum clips for both guns.
Telepathy- a basic yet common capability that is not only considered mundane, but also underestimated. In the hands of someone powerful as well as experienced, Adaria has been able to perfect it to its prime. Thus, allowing her to do more then just read people's mind. Telepathy has many uses and she has been able to discover a vast amount of them. Telepathy allows her to read the minds of others. She is able to telepathically communicate with others regardless of their location. Adaria is able to sense where others are by simply using telepathy as a sonar. Telepathy is a one way channel for the weak and a vast channel for the strong. Therefore allowing Adaria to put thoughts in their head to do certain things, or even flood their mind with her own thoughts. Which at times can and most likely will sound louder then an up close train on the tracks.
Telekinesis- a basic ability to move an object with her mind. Adaria has also been able to bring her control over this to its prime as well. Which she has commonly been seen, matching with others on a large scale. She can control thousands of objects at once without loosing her concentration. Regardless of their weight and size, allowing her to lift extremely heavy structures, objects and even the ones with the lightest mass. Thus often, allowing her to get the exact amount of tan. Or even making it seem like she can control the elements when she can actually, not. She has been known to make telekinetic shields, punches, clones, using it to manipulate water, metal or even bend light. Insisting that telekinesis is a wonderful magnifying glass. The ability is not beyond her to make a vast suction. Which she used to show the difference in her flexible control over it in comparison to the Commander-In-Chief's.

Technique Arsenal

LamiaZlogonje; Technique Arsenal by shinsonic23

The Silent Sword, Tatsuo Yoshio
The Silent Sword -Main Theme-
The Sword That Beckons Death -Battle theme -

Played By: carlrules097
Tatsuo Yoshio - I am the terrors that plague your mind


Not much is known about Tatsuo as he is older then the world itself before coming to work for Victor Creed. One night, while Victor was still in the process fo rising to power, he found an ancient book. It was a memorandum of ancient supernatural creatures. Inside it contained a powerful binding spell. A dark power ful pell asked for things such as sacrifices and arcane circles. And in a burst of light Tatsuo appeared within the circle. He warned Victor that while for now he was under his control, When the spell inevitably dissolved, Tatsuo would ultimately be the one to kill him. Acting as a bodyguard and Gorosei Leader, Tatsuo is always within a simple call away from Victor even when half across the world looking over his countries.
Tatsuo Yoshio
"Hai, My Master"


The World Government





120 lbs
Hair Color:
Eye Color:


Tatsuo is a man of few words. Rarely ever getting over emotional about anything even in the heat of battle his cold nature is intimidating to some. Few know of his origin, fewer know of his race as he is the last. He follows the orders of Victor Creed to the letter without question. He does not eat, he does not sleep, he simply exists in his own world.

Powers & Skills

"A world of dreams is a world of Nightmares"
A Nightmare is a special demon that plagues people with horrible dreams that erode the psyche of an individual. And Tatsuo is the last of his kind, and possibly one of the oldest. While the spell Victor placed on him does not allow him to complete his birthright of causing nightmares across the world. Being a demon he has much higher stats across the board then the typical individual. Being a nightmare it is also impossible to fully kill him. He has a sort of astral sense that allows him to see multiple people over vast distances make him a great sensor. Think of it like a radar for cognitive minds.

"This sword is me and I am the sword"
The first half of his arsenal, his sword known as LongTear. It is a blade as old as Tatsuo, perhaps older. Made of an unknown metal this blade is unbreakable and has yet to find a match for its sharpness. Tatsuo often refers to itself and him as We, begging the question of its sentience. Though it is shaped like a katana, he has a tendency to fight more in a fencing style with it.

"Become lost in a nightmare"
His left hand is not normal and is the source of his nightmare abilities in his human form. A razor sharp claw made of the same material as LongTear. On the palm is an organic eye that stays closed until pointed at a target. It looks exactly like Tatsuo's other eyes. When it is used a grumbling noise comes from the hand as the eye becomes bloodshot.

Lists of Techniques
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The Big 3

The Big 3 are the 3 most powerful warrior in the history of The Battle Grounds. The Samurai, Shin Muramasa, The Red Devil, Sora, and The Guardian, Setanta "Eternity Eight"

Shin Muramasa
"The World's Greatest Swordsmen"
Shin Muramasa is perhaps the most powerful Human ever to be shown throughout the entire history of the BattleGrounds. Shin is a legendary Samurai, being known across many by the name of "The Sword God" on account of his amazing skill and strength. Although at times it seems Shin is the possessor of some kind of supernatural power, he is actually only of normal, Human decent. Shin's legend dates back to the very first Battleground's War. He was hired to do the unthinkable, to obtain the greatest of all Legendary Items, The Legendary Headband - The Headband of Yin & Yang also know as The No.1 headband. Shin fought and defeated the headband's previous owner was the second to obtain the Headband but before he could give it to his employers they were killed. So Shin held on to the Headband not really know its worth. Shin entered a hell the day he bared the Headband always fighting. Shin defeat countless people who challenged him he even went against Victor Creed and the Warrior of the Eternity Eight. Shin is from the greatest clan called the Muramasa Clan and because of his bloodline, made him what some would say above human.

But ever story must have an end.....Shin died from a mighty opponent called the Sung Fu disease. It was a battle Shin Muramasa could not win. And with his death, died the Battlegrounds. For he took the headband with him to his grave. And the world lost the greatest and most powerful item. But even great stories can be retold. For it is rumored if the Mark of Rai is near the Headband of Yin & Yang. That The Great Samurai may rise again....

Setanta "Eternity Eight"
"The Warrior of the Gods"

At the creation of the earth the Goddess Alma cradled man in her bosom. Becoming her children they moved to the earth, making life a new. She watched as her children grew. But soon her children started to forget about her so she descended to the earth looking for a child's embrace. Her own flesh and blood shunned the lady out of their world soon hunting her for her claims. Instead of embrace she found only ire. She became infuriated by the ignorance of man and created her new children. Upon the creation of these new beings she gave them her will. To punish those who came before them. And thus the eternity eight were sent to the earth. And thus the story of Setanta began...

Setanta is the warrior chosen to harbor and harness the power of The Eternity Eight. A power that rivaled the Heavenly Items. With this power he was able to turn in any of the 8 at will. His mission was simple. Destroy man. But even the power of the Eternity Eight fell to the power of one who defeated a dark legend. Setanta was beaten by a swordsmen and spared for the wandering samurai saw good in the heart of the warrior of 8. Setanta, defeated and broken was cursed to walk the earth aimless and powerless. To watch his failures grow in his face. Setanta cried out to Alma with a plea. "Grant me the power of 8 once more!" Alma heard his crys and granted his wish. "Find the one who will stands against my and destory them" commanded the Goddess. And now Setanta seeks the world for a fighter powerful enough to stand against his lady. But his true goal, his true desire was to find the samurai with the cold purple eyes and make him pay....And thus this ends the story of Setanta or perhaps begins it...

The Red Devil, Sora
"A Deadly & Powerful Legend"
They say he was the greatest swordsman who ever lived, the master of masters, as wise as a sage and strong as gravity. It was a quiet life, the only real excitement was the annual fishing tournament in the summer and the festival that followed. It was enough for a man who made his mark in blood and this was his redemption. He was famous for his teachings, which still live on today, and many sought his advice regarding matters of keeping peace not only in oneself but as a society as well. But as time passed, a threat reared its ugly head at humanity, a threat that would change the course of history forever: The Battle Grounds War...

There were 10 items in all and they encouraged people to go to war with their brothers and neighbors, all for the sake of possessing the No. 1. Many died, families were torn apart and war ravaged the mainlands. It was at this time that Sora had a revelation, he must pick up his sword and fight for the future of mankind.

Legend says that Sora knew a master swordsmith named Suzuka, a very beautiful woman who fell in love with him during the time of peace. She forged him a sword, the greatest sword she has ever forged and gave it to him as a dowry, a promise to be wed upon his return from the headband war. It was the greatest mistake she ever made.

Sora left the islands and entered the fray with his mighty sword. He cut down many men and eventually he obtained the holy grail, the No. 1 headband. Becoming its first master. It granted him more power than anyone could fathom and he became a god, synonymous with death itself. He returned to his village and he happily married the swordsmith Suzuka, conceiving a beautiful daughter they named Shizuka, but with the most sought after item, the headband, in his position it was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down. The power the headband gave him came at a costly price, blood, and paired with the greatest sword in the world, he turned his blade on his wife and daughter first, before turning it on the civilians of the world. No longer was he the content teacher who encouraged peace, but a demonic warrior whose only lust was blood. It corrupted him and he killed many. After many years of his terrorism, a swordsmen stood in the monster wake. The swordsmen had glowing purple eyes that history its self will never forget. The two clashed and on the day the bloodlust warrior, Sora was defeated. After his defeat the warrior was weaken as a group of sages sealed him in a cave for the rest of time, removing him from the earth to ensure that nothing like this ever happened again. The legend of the headband and Sora the master swordsman was lost in the pages of history.....

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