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why doesnt CR have older animes???
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Posted 2/3/12 , edited 2/4/12

TerraGamerX wrote:

Crunchyroll hasn't overlooked desire for older anime:

The few Gundam shows CR does have is mostly by luck. Sunrise or Bandai wanted to promote Unicorn, so they decided to put up several core shows to aid in promoting it (SEED is comparably recent, so it wasn't selected). They intended for it to only be temporary, but that turned out to be a bad decision (and/or found the benefits of gaining attention through them to be great) so they kindly put the shows back up for much longer. Seeing as that SEED just got a remastered Blu-ray release in the making, I don't expect it to be streamed anytime soon (not impossible though, might use 4:3 SEED to promote 16:9 SEED).

Crunchyroll came into its current form mostly to solve fansub issues around newly released anime. So CR was founded upon current anime, and current anime is their core objective. Their funds are finite, so they will target doing as many simulcasts as possible vefore anything else.

They're not ignoring older shows, but their funds limit them. They would need more Premium members in order to afford more shows. You too can help out, and make it a bit easier for them to get more shows

that nice and all but I drop my premium membership because of the lack of old anime, and lack of quality choices from the new anime list. Sorry.... Investments are about supply and demand crunchyroll lacks what I demand and so I felt that my investment was doing little, and so they must not need my premium membership.
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