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Surpising Series
Posted 2/29/12 , edited 3/1/12
I'll often pick a first wave of titles that I know I will enjoy to watch first. Then I go for round two late in the season to see what I missed, and find myself pleasantly surprised. This helps keep a constant lineup of things for myself to watch up until early the next season in case there are few picks for the first wave of that season. Trying that first episode is always hard, and I haven't actually picked up every series each season, but I've always enjoyed the ones I've picked up to some extent.
Posted 3/1/12 , edited 3/1/12
Fantastic children is one of my favorite animes of all time and very underrated due to the art style in which many people classify it as "simple" or "tasteless". Good thing that I care more about the story than the animation, however, I do love fantastic children's art style. The only thing I didn't like was the title but this anime has surprisingly well developed characters and a fluent story that will make you shed a tear or two.
Posted 3/1/12 , edited 3/2/12
This season, Chihayafuru and Bodacious Space Pirates have surprised me more than almost any other anime I've seen. Really didn't think either of them would be remotely interesting. Space Pirates turned out to be pretty cool, and Chihayafuru turned out to be amazing. As for other seasons, Trigun and Full Metal Panic! turned out to surpass my expectations. Full Metal Panic in particular turned out to be one of my favorites. Angel Beats! was incredible.
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Posted 3/19/12 , edited 3/19/12

HUnter X hunter


Kuroshitsuji? LOL
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