Help! I don't remember the name of this anime!
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Posted 1/31/12 , edited 1/31/12
I remember an anime that had the word "ikenai" or "ikanai" in it. I don't know if this is the same one, but there was also one that I enjoyed where the main girls are entering high school, one or a couple of them decide to cut their skirts shorter. There's also an episode where they have to have a physical and I believe they were worried about the size of their boobs or running into guys. Or perhaps the school was all girls. Aw man I don't know. It was on Crunchy back in the day before they started doing legal stuff (or maybe it was legal back then?), or when they had a huge list to choose from instead of what they had rights to like they do now. My Media Favorites list is full of "this item no longer exists," so obviously I can't look in there. *sigh* I hope someone else watched the same anime and can help me out!
Posted 1/31/12 , edited 1/31/12
Ahahaha, it's one of these again.

Posted 1/31/12 , edited 1/31/12
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