haruhi has a crush? chapter one.

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haruhi: mori when will i see you?
mori: *shrugs*
haruhi: mori talk to me *crying*
mori: haruhi i...

haruhi: it was just a dream... phew
ranka: haruhi your host club friends are here!
all the hosts except mori: HEY HARUHI!!!
haruhi: let me get dressed!
(note: this is the girlier version of haruhi.)
*haruhi comes out in skinny jeans and a hot pink t-shirt*
hikaru: come on haruhi lets go!
haruhi: where?
tamaki: you'll see...

(note: i will pop up in here :D)

*they pull into a movie theatre parking lot. of course the limo acttracts attention.*

kyouya: what does everyone want to see?

all the dudes: iron man 2!
haruhi: -tic...
kyouya: what haruhi i couldnt hear you over them..
haruhi: oh nothing lets just all enjoy ourselves :D
*they all get 3 large popcorns tamaki and kyouya share hunny and mori share the twins and haruhi share.*

haruhi: so mori are you exicted for summer?
mori: *shrugs* i dont know.
haruhi: so do you plan on going on vacation?
mori: oh that reminds me. hold on.
*mori calls someone to the movies and haruhi gets curious*

?: hi mori hunny wassup?
mori: the ceiling.
hunny: we missed you!
?: i missed you too

(haruhi's mind: i depise her i hate her she ruined my life.)

?: so iron man 2 huh?
mori: yeah
*he see's the look on haruhi's face*

?: oh hi haruhi long time no see.

(haruhi's mind: she used me to get to the top.. its like she tore me out of the picture.. oh wait she did.)

haruhi: yeah :)
?: wanna go to the mall later?\
haruhi: sure..........

tamaki: you guys need so girl time

kyouya: how about we come?
?: ok :)

hunny: big sissy :D
(note: hunny just told you the "?" was his big sissy but whats her name?)

mori: movies over lets go!

(note: the mystery girls name starts with a k comment and guess)
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OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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