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Posted 2/1/12 , edited 2/1/12

1.) No Flaming- If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all. Constructive Criticism is very welcomed here, but please be polite.
2.) No matter how madly someone upsets you, please refrain from foul language.
3.) English letters only. Kanji and letters with accents on them is cool, but not everyone knows how to do that or read it. If you wish to type something in Japanese or another language please you Ro-maji or English lettering.
4.)PG13 and photo equality. Please no pictures of naked bodies or hoisted up skirts. Also, we can't have a bunch of Yaoi fan and exclude Yuri. As long as it is PG13 both sections of fandom may be presented.
5.) Privacy matters. If you are uploading a picture of your cosplay, keep your location a secret. Please blank out any telephone numbers or private information you do not want others to know before your post.
6.) Please post in respective areas, only create a new thread if you are posting a story. If the story is on another website please go to the FanFiction links thread and paste the link there. If you are looking for someone to Rp with please post a request in the Rp thread.


Roleplay character pictures or Original Characters are to go in the Orginal Character album
Any favorite anime character pairing unless it is an anime character X Oc is to go into the Favorite Pairings album
The Fan Art Album is for anime character X OC pairings, and any fan art that is not an anime pairing or a cosplay.
All anime cosplays are to go into the Fan Cosplays album
Nonanime Creations Album is as it states, if you made a figurine by hand, sewn a cute outfit, cooked something great, or made something related to Japan, China, or Korea; place it in that album.

Fanfiction links- This thread is to link us to a story you have already posted online. DO NOT copy and paste your online story and take up space in the forums.
RP Buddies- If you are looking for someone to Rp with, Post your character here and wait for a reply( Rps are to be taken place over PMs not in threads
Story threads- If you have a story you want someone to read and evaluate, that isn't already posted online, you are allowed to make a new thread. Any Story post that are up for more than 3 months will be taken down.
Music thread- If there are any Asian groups or songs you recommend please send them there.
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