For DestinyJudgement
Posted 2/2/12 , edited 2/3/12
As you may know, D.J. is leaving CR. It is on our group GB.
Do you have anything to say? ^^

My say is:

We hope that we can see you again sometime soon :3
You're an amazing person so enjoy your life ^^

"Friends are like STARS. You can't always see them, but in your heart, you know that they're there." ^^
Bye~~ :]

-Rennie ^^
Posted 2/2/12 , edited 2/3/12
Hmm.. well I don't really know him, but I see him as a kind person.
Thank you for being part of the LOST group :)) I hope to meet you again~! ^^

> Autumn

Posted 2/4/12 , edited 2/5/12
Thank you guys and i love you all (especially to KurroiRen)

~ Locked
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