Any possibility of Crunchyroll hosting manga?
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Posted 2/3/12 , edited 2/4/12
I am interested in a lot of titles that would not likely be possible in printed form outside of Japan, just because I like specific, obscure genres that just wont sell enough.

But if I could pay for those titles and that money went to creators and publishers of those titles to allow them to be downloaded, then I would feel good about reading them.

Are there existing sites that do this legitimately, either paid or unpaid services, as an alternative to scanlation sites that make a profit but none of it goes to the people who actually create and produce the product I am reading?

I can't get these manga titles any other way (translated), but I don't want to contribute to piracy.

I want to know that the specific, quirky genres that I am reading is also helping the success of artists that create those types of manga.
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Posted 2/3/12 , edited 2/4/12

According to BasouKazuma :

So we already have the system set up, it's just a matter of getting licenses and commiting to it but I think we're mainly focusing on Anime and Drama at the moment. When there's a more solid Anime and Drama library, we might branch out further into Manga if it's possible.

I wouldn't mind if they added manga to as new addition to CR thou
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Posted 2/7/12 , edited 2/7/12
Crunchyroll already made a site for manga last year. It's called JManga:
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