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“I don’t deserve your love…"
Posted 2/27/12 , edited 2/28/12
Need to change thread title to:

“I don’t deserve your love juice…"
Posted 2/27/12 , edited 2/28/12
Maybe her "I don't deserve your love" isn't even the proper "I don't deserve your love", but the other "I don't deserve your love" ("I don't deserve your love. I deserve better than your love").

Maybe the right isn't the right right.
Posted 2/27/12 , edited 2/28/12

Zeronite wrote:

TheModernDayZombie wrote:

I dunno I read some NTR hentai mangas b4 and it seems like this situation reminds me of a few, she could feel guilty.... But anywho you probably need to give her some time, maybe she has bad experiences b4

I don't know which is more disturbing -

A) Your only experience with women being hentai, or

B) That you're trying to use it to give advice on women.

I'm just saying think about it, if not then ignore what I put.... I don't usually put down simple answers to forums, as I like to give a weird outlook to things regardless if it's fiction or non-fiction
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Posted 2/27/12 , edited 2/28/12

underlock wrote:

aWatcher wrote:

oh i've seen this before. my friend was in the same situation as this; that the girl told him she doesn't deserve the love he is giving. at the end of the story, he got dumped because she got tired of his "predictability"

How long till she got into another relationship?

i could tell you if i knew. but i don't since the only time we meet is when my friend brings her. and after he got dumped, i never saw her or heard about her since then.
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Posted 3/1/12 , edited 3/2/12
My cousin's neighbor, has a co-worker, and HE said that HIS Fiance began to say things like this RIGHT BEFORE he caught her molesting livestock at a nearby farm.

Just.. be cautious.
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