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Posted 2/5/12 , edited 2/5/12

this the place where you buy things~ Use you're allowances for to get this.

No Stars Allowance - 5 Carrots
One Stars Allowanace - 50 Carrots
Two Stars Allowance -100 Carrots
Triple Stars Allowance - 300 Carrots
Over Triple Stars Allowance - 500 Carrots
Black Rabbite Stars Allowance - 300000 Carrots
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Lily was walking around town with sunglasses on. She wanted to buy herself a new notebook to draw in. Her allowance was inside her little black bag that she had.
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Megumi and Natsume was walking to the town. She clings on him and dragging him where ever she is going. She found a awesome shop called " Lolita Le Shop ". She rushed in the store. And found a cute tie for herself and her boyfriend. Natsume puts thumbs up for his girl's outfit. But Megumi didnt know that Natsume was interested to Mikan.

"Natsu-chii~ What about this outfit?" Megumi said in happy tone. She was showing the new outfit she is trying on.


I have to admit it that outfit looks hot on Megumi. But when i imagine it looks more cuter on Polka. I haven't told Megumi that i secretly liked Mikan. I heard Megumi saying something.

"Natsu-chii~ What about this outfit?" Megumi said in happy tone. She was twirling. Well i gave her a thumbs up for it.


Megumi hang the dress she tries out including a black and white checker tie and a color dye hair clip and give it to the casher. Natsume put a choker for both of them on the counter while the cashier is scanning the items.

"That will be 140 carrots" Cashier said. The girl is flirting with Natsume. Natsume rolled his eye. Megumi who was glaring at the cashier she cleared her throat. "I wouldn't want to flirt with him if i where you. If your so dumb whore. He is my boyfriend and fiancee. So bugg off. Slut." Megumi said in icy tone. The cashier flinch and nodded.

Both two loveable couples walk out of the shop. Megumi spotted Lily. She told Natsume to go ahead and hang out with Ruka. Natsume nodded. Megumi walked pass by Lily.
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Lily saw Megumi go by her. She knew who she was since Mikan told her about her. She really had no instrest of the girl but the guy she was with, Natsume, did. Lily could tell he like Megumi but then again he might also like her sister, she was waiting for the moment when he would say something about the whole thing.

As Lily was thinking, she stop to see her favorite store Prism Stone. She went inside to find herself some clothes. She went over to the section that was more of emoish type that didn't match the rest of the store. Lily found a red and black strip tie, she decied to make her own outfit with it.

After a couple of minutes, she found herself a plain red shirt, black shorts, black saspenders, black combat boots, and red and black strip fingerless gloves that were cut at her knuckles and had two silver hearts at two cornners of her glove and a chain connected them.

She took it up to buy as she look at some of accesories. She grab some black shades, a silver crown ring, two bead necklaces that were red and black, and a red rose clip for her hair. She sat the rest of her new things on the counter as she began to get ready to pay.
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Natsume POV
I glance in the window seeing Polka buying Howloan again. I glance back at his girlfriend Megumi. I walked up to my girlfriend and wrap my arms around her waist. I never liked Polka. She is way to loud. I like someone who is quiet and calm.

Megumi POV
What is Natsume-kun lookin at? I follow his glance and saw Mikan Sakura. I growls dangerously and crushed the hangers in half. I will make her pay. Dumb Annoying Slut. I thought evilly and laughs evilly not wanting anyone to hear it but Natsume heard it while he was wrapping his arms around me. I should have kept it quiet oh well.

Unknown Girl POV
That bitch will pay that. I will never hurt my dear cousin Megumi. She will regret this until i have my hands on that fucken bitch. I snarl. I watch Megumi laughing evilly and seeing Natsume trying to calm her down.


This unknown person can be related to Megumi. She is very dangerous she can kill anyone who goes stealing Natsume away from Megumi. The unknown person can tell that Megumi saw her. Megumi told Natsume to go with Ruka for a hang out as he nodded. Megumi walked toward the shadow girl.
"What's up? Shadow Phoenix." Megumi said.
"Good! That bitch will regrets this." Shadow Phoenix snarl in digust.
"I agree. Here what i can do. YOu need to sign up first as student and be my posse. This annoying mutt will sure pay for this. For making my boyfriend glancing her." Megumi said in annoyed tone and shakes hand with Shadow Phoenix.
"Agree. Good day, Megumi. I hope i can see you." Shadow Phoenix said in quiet tone.

Two girls glance around to see if anyone else is watching. Shadow girl disappear as Megumi walked back toward Natsume. Megumi lean on the wall and saw Mikan and Hotaru walking toward Natsume and Ruka. Megumi viciously glares at Mikan and gives her a nasty digust look and walked behind her Natsume.

Natsume saw Megumi coming. "Hey love. I would like to introduce my friend and that annoying polka's friend."
"NATSUME NO BAKA! ITS M-i-k-a-n. Stop calling me Polka." Mikan shouted at him. Mikan is too stupid to notice that Megumi was giving her death threats.

Hotaru saw this and raised her baka gun at Megumi. Megumi stopped her and gave Hotaru 10k rabbits. Hotaru has this money sign and go against Mikan her own best friend who annoys her the most. She is now the side of Megumi.

( Quote me OCC!)

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I walked away from the shadow seeing Megumi walking away. I walked back and follow Megumi.
"Megi-chan~ Can i sit with you and your boyfriend's friend?" I said sickly tone. I could see Ruka shrugged.
"Sure go ahead." Megumi said.
I walked and sat between Ruka and Hotaru. "You must be Ice Queen?" I talked to Hotaru.
"Yes, yes i am." Hotaru said. Looking at me suspiciously.
I secretly took out 100k out waving at Hotaru while Mikan is talking to Ruka. Hotaru jaw dropped and snatch the money out of my hand.
"This is 200k not 100k." Hotaru mutters.
"Oops. Just keep it." I said.

Hotaru POV
I saw Mai bringing out a 200k carrots. I was like shocked at first I really wanted that money. Wait! Is she blackmailing me. Ooooh she is goood. I didnt even notice she blackmail me. That stupid baka is really sick now where is her god damn sister at. When I counted the money, Mai said its 100k carrots but when i re-counted its its!!! O_O
"This is 200k not 100k" I mutters. And she said.
"Oops. Just keep it." Mai said.
I was like WOW!

Mikan POV
I was talking to Ruka-pyon all day until I saw Mai and Hotaru exchanging carrots. I jaw dropped and walked up to them. I didnt notice that someone was giving me death threats to me before I came. Oh well.
"HOTARU! Why do you have Mai-chan's Money? Give it back to her." I shouted.
And two of them stared at me what im confused.


"HOTARU! Why do you have Mai-chan's Money? Give it back to he." Mikan shouted.
Mai and Hotaru stared at Mikan in annoying look. Mikan gave them a confusion look.
"Dont add -chan in my name." Mai said icy tone. It makes Mikan shivers.
"What do you want Baka?" Hotaru said.
"Give the money back to Mai-chan." Mikan said happily. Mikan ignore Mai's comments for no reason.
Megumi and Mai gave her a death threats. Mai stood up spilling her food and walked up to Megumi. Mai told Natsume to talk to Ruka some where else please. Natsume did.

Hotaru could hear Mai shouting angrily and Megumi calming her down. She glares at Mikan.
"Chill Mai. If she doesnt call you -chan on the end. I'll send her to hell." Megumi said calmy.
"I mean really she is stupid sometimes." Megumi added.
Mai nodded agreement. "BUT STILL! IT TICKED ME OFF!"

Natsume POV
I was told to talk to Ruka somewhere else. Cause I dont want to see Mai pissed. I could hear her swears and curses alot. I sighed.

"So, Ruka what are you gonna do this weekend?" I said.
"I dunno. Probably staying here in this school. With Megi and Mai-san." Ruka said.
Imai walked to us for some reason with Mikan happily look.
"Ah, Mikan-chan. Is it possible to stop calling Mai-chan please. She seems she isnt happy being called like that. Nor, Megi-san." Ruka asked Mikan.
"Nah. She will get use of it. But with those shoutings hurts me. So why are you in a relationship with Megumi-chan? Natsume." Mikan said.
"I dunno. I was assign as her fiancee. But i do know her since birth when i was a baby. Wait a minute! POLKA MINE YOUR OWN BUSINESS!" I shouted pissed off. Megumi and Mai is right she is annoying and stupid and minding someone else life. I thought.
"BAKA! Stop minding someone's life seriously. Did JinJin told you anything about being rude." Imai gave her a statement.
"I JUST WANT TO KNOW JESUS!" Polka shouted. Wow i never knew Polka said jesus.
"Dont use god's name in heaven." Mai spat darkly. How did she get here?
"MAI-CHAN! Natsume is being rude to me." Polka shouted happily.

SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alot smack just came. I would who slap who?.

OMG! Mai just slapped Polka.
"You stupid little girl. Dont make me kill you. And dont you DARE call me -chan on my name. Slimy mutt." Mai sneer darkly. Okay whoa i almost loose my voice.
Polka started to cried and ran away searching for her sister.

END POV again

Mikan was slapped by Mai. Mikan cried and ran away looking for her sister.
Leaving Mai and the others there.
"That was a little to harsh. Mai-chii." Megumi said.
"Well sorry! She ask for it. The only family that calls me that is my daddy and mommy but now there gone theres no -chan in my name ever." Mai said annoyingly.
"That was a good smack." Hotaru said.
"Come on lets just go back to our classroom and ignore Polka. She is uselses." Natsume said. While Megumi clings on him.
"I do mind if Megumi clings on me anywhere i go." He added.
"What did Mutt say?" Mai said.
"She said why is Megumi-chan clings on me. Well i said i like it. So she should fucked off." Natsume said annoying.
"Come on guys lets go. The bus is almost here." Megumi said.
Megumi and the others except Mikan looking for her sister. The rest went to the bus.


"ALL ABOARD!" The driver said.
All the students walked inside the bus along with Megumi, Mai, Natsume, Ruka, and Hotaru. All of them sat on there seats. Mai sat next to Sumire instead.
"Is anyone missing?" Narumi said.
"No!" Everybody said.
"Wait! I'm here. Sorry." Lily shouted and walked inside.
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Lily's POV

Before I got on the bus Mikan came crying to me. She told me about what happen to her. This piss me off since they slap her. I walk onto the bus with Mikan holding onto my hand. I went to the back of the bus then I stop infront of Mai. "You dirty b!tch, how dare you slap my sister. What the hell she do to you?!" I asked her as I heard Narumi to seat down. I turn to him with a hateful look. "Shut the hell up you gay teacher." I then turn back to Mai waiting for answer, Mikan's grip tighten on my hand. "Go seat with Misaki and Tsubasa, Mikan." I told her softly and she nodded her head and did what I told her to do. I saw Misaki and Tsubasa trying to tell me to come back I didn't pay no attention to them.


I was sitting next to Misaki as she pat Mikan's head. "Should we get her?" Tsubasa asked in a whisper as I shook my head. "Just wait, when that glove come off, I'll get her." I told him as he nodded his head.
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Mai went inside the Howloan Store and ask the guy what she order. "That will be 200 carrots for a student discount." Cashier said. Mai gave the money to the carrots. And took the huge box with her. She teleports herself to the classroom. And told Narumi to give this to Sakura, Mikan. Mai went inside the classroom she felt ashamed for slapping her for no reason.
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Misaki, Lily, Ryou, Tai, and Tsubasa were all walking around.
They were all talking to one another. "How many times I'm gonna say sorry
Lily?" Tsubasa asked her as she look at him. "No more, that doesn't mean I forgive you.
It means I'm gonna decied on what I should do to you..." Lily told him as she stop
seeing Prism Stone. Misaki also stop as her eyes sparkle like stars.

"Come on Lil'!" Misaki said as she drag Lily into the store. The
three boys groan as they follow them. Once they got inside, Misaki
had already stuff in her hand and some that she was giving
to Lily who just look down at the clothes. "Come on you three, your
gonna decied which one looks best on us." She told them as
she pushed Lily to the dressing room to get dress.
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Mai just finish buying something and spotted Lily and Tai.
Mai looked away and walked in the Le Mircale Vista Resturant(sp?).
She is the only person to eat in that expensive place.
She order a salsa spagetti with hot green tea.
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Misaki then came out in a pink dress and over
it she had on a long sleeve white sweater. Her
shoes were white and they were flats. "So?" She
asked them as she spun around a bit.

"The color is on point, great combination,
love the shoes. It's a nine in a half." Tai told
her as she smiled and left to get Lily. Ryou
and Tsubasa look at him. "You get use to it
if your found with them alot." Tai told the two
as they nodded agreeing with him.

Lily came out in a red plaid shirt that was
being cover by a white long sleeve sweater.
She had on a skirt that was also read and plaid.
Her boots were light brown that look like
cowboy boots. "Just say you like it, so I can
get out of this." Lily told the three and they
said exactly what she told them to say.

After a while both Lily and Misaki came out.
Misaki was wearing a pink shirt that was
being cover by a white suit jacket. Her pants
were also white and so where her shoes.
She had on white and pink checker color
top hat.

Lily came out wearing a purple shirt with
a white suit jacket over it. Her skirt was
white and her boots where a mixature of
white and purple. Instead of a top hat
she had a purple rose in her head.

"Wow, I did good." Lily said as she look
at her and Misaki with a smile.
"I would of never thought that the Reaper
had a sense of style with other colors
then black." Ryou said which earn himself
a glare from Lily.

"Not bad Lil'" Tai told her and she smiled
at him. That only left Tsubasa who
couldn't stop looking at Misaki. Lily's smile
disappear as she went to change back
into her uniform. Misaki saw Lily
leave and she glared at Tsubasa.

"Tsubasa! You idoit!" Misaki yelled as she
went to go change into her uniform.
Tsubasa sat there, puzzled. "What did I do?"
He asked Ryou and Tai who just shook
their heads at him, not trying to answer his
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Mai came out from the resturant(sp?).
She kept on walking and bump into Tai and Ryou.
Mai just ignore people who just fall off the group.
Ryou notice that Mai is upset,
he frowned at what Mai just did.
Mai just disappear in the forest.
Ryou blink a couple times and shrugged.

Ryou also notice when
Mai left she was wearing torn white dress.
And saw a couple bruises on her face, arms,
and left leg. He began to worry about her.

Tai didnt see it he just groan.
Tsubasa was also worried about Mai.
Hey Ryou, is Mai on a mission
with Persona or just got raped.

Tsubasa said on telepathy.
Both i really dont know.
Ryou said on telepathy.
Let's make Tai go find her if she is alright.
Tsubasa said on telepathy.
But, first lets ask Misaki and Lily for it first.
Ryou said on telepathy.
Fine. Tsubasa said
on telepathy.

Lily and Misaki couldnt tell but until now
they test to each other if the telepathy work.
Misaki was shocked that she can say anything
on the telepathy. Misaki look down and saw blood
trails to the forest.
Misaki began to listen Ryou and Tsubasa's conversation.
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Lily also listen to the two converstation.
She look at the ground to see the blood. She then began to follow
the trail by running. Ryou grab onto her arm before she could
go anywhere else.

"Lil' don't."
"Why not? She's Mikan's friend and I told my sister I will
protect her and her friends." Lily told him as she tried to
pull her arm away.
"Let Tai do it"
"Because we won't you to go after Persona"

With this Lily stop trying to get away from him. She knew Persona
almost better then anyone. She nodded her head. Tsubasa look
at Tai. "Go man..." He told Tai who just sighed and ran after

Misaki came over with both her and Lily's stuff they had tried on.
"I wonder if he'll be okay" She said and Lily look at her.
"He will, that kid is pretty tough." She told her as
Cresent flew onto her shoulder.
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Mai sat under the Sakura Tree seeing
her own blood ozing and spreading.
She started to sing. She deactative her alice (telepathy).
'I hate this school. And I want to die alone.
Stupid mission.' Mai thought and hiss.

She relax against the bark of the tree and sing a sad melody.

Shizuka ni futari wo tsutsundeita
kirei na ugokanai jikan kara
hane wo hiroge tobitatsu toki ga
mou soba ni kiteru no
midori no yoru no naka yorisotte

mukuchi na nagusama wo kureta kara
donna toki mo sono nuku mori wo
dakishimete yukeru

yume no sumu kono basho wo mamoritai zutto

Mikan heard a sad melody she follow it
along with Megumi and Natsume along.
Megumi was in tears when she saw
her best friend Mai dying of blood.
Natsume curses.
"Damn Persona." Natsume whisper angrily.

kaze no oto unmei no uta ga hibiite
tomoshibi wo teni totte fuyusora wo
terasu mune no hoshi wo tada shinjite
sora wo yuku tori-tachi no kawasu nakigoe
kurete yuku sogen ni hibiiteru yo
yasuragi no daiichi he to kaeru tame
saigo no kaze wo koete yuku

hitai ni chiri chiri to yuunagi ga
arashi no yokan wo hakondekuru
anata ni fuku kaze no subete wo
uketomete agetai
yasashii jikan dake de iinoni
inochi wa setsunasa wo kureru no ne
futari de ita yorokobi dake wo
dakishimete yuku wa

ai no sumu kono basho wo mamoritai zutto
karada goto unmei ni yakarete mo ii
tomoshibi wo teni totte fuyusora wo
terasu mune no hoshi wo tada shinjite
sora wo yuku tori-tachi no kawasu nakigoe
kurete yuku sogen ni hibiiteru yo
arashi wo koete tayori tsuku basho wa
kitto anata no mune no naka
kaeru wa

Mai stopped singing and lay down lifeless.
Megumi rushed toward Mai and cried.
"Mai, wake up please." Megumi cried and hugged her.
Natsume tried going near them. Megumi wouldnt let go.
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Tai ran over to where the three were.
He stop a couple of feet away from them. He saw Mai was
lifeless. His fist balled up as he just stood there.

Lily was in the sakura tree. The leaves were blowing which almost hid herself.
She look down with that same emotionless expression. "Do you want
her back?" She asked them as she look at the sky as
she held a hand out. When she did a sakura leaf fell
into her hand.

Tsubasa and Misaki were behind the tree. Misaki was sitting
on the ground as she hugged her knees and hid her face.
Tsubasa look at the ground. Neither one said something.

Ryou stood leaning on the tree near all of them. He didn't
know what to say. He just lost his cousin to Persona. This
had pissed him off.

Lily began to continued. "I can get her back but it won't
be easy. She'll be back but she'll forget a few things about
what happens." Lily told them as the leaf blew out her hand
and into the sky.
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