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[RP] Central Town

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Posted 3/6/12 , edited 3/7/12

Keith_The_Awesome wrote:

Tai ran over to where the three were.
He stop a couple of feet away from them. He saw Mai was
lifeless. His fist balled up as he just stood there.

Lily was in the sakura tree. The leaves were blowing which almost hid herself.
She look down with that same emotionless expression. "Do you want
her back?" She asked them as she look at the sky as
she held a hand out. When she did a sakura leaf fell
into her hand.

Tsubasa and Misaki were behind the tree. Misaki was sitting
on the ground as she hugged her knees and hid her face.
Tsubasa look at the ground. Neither one said something.

Ryou stood leaning on the tree near all of them. He didn't
know what to say. He just lost his cousin to Persona. This
had pissed him off.

Lily began to continued. "I can get her back but it won't
be easy. She'll be back but she'll forget a few things about
what happens." Lily told them as the leaf blew out her hand
and into the sky.

Megumi nodded and hug Mai.
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Posted 3/7/12 , edited 3/8/12
Lily look down at Megumi. She
then jump down from the tree as she landed next to
them on her knees. She pulled her glove off as she placed
her left hand on Mei's head and her right on her heart.

Lily's right hand began to glow white making the word
Life appear. She then closed her eyes as she began
to look for Mei's lost soul.

Tai look at the sky. "Come on Persona, you think we're that
stupid..." He said as Persona came out from the shadows.
Her smirk was on his face as he looked at Lily and Mei.
"I see Reaper is trying to find her. The only way she can is
if--" Mikan then cut him off. "Only if she were called Angel.
Well guess what she is now Reaper and Angel."

The same girl turn to Persona with a emotionless look
that looked like her mothers and her older sister's.
Tai look at Persona from the corner of his eyes. "Leave
before Angel finds Mei...I'll tell her you were here."

Persona glared at him but he did as what he was told
since he doesn't want to face Lily just yet that is.
Posted 3/8/12 , edited 3/8/12
The little Chibi Natsume walked around and
saw a spirit crying. Youichi walk toward it quietly.

Who's there? Crying Spirit said.
I'm Youichi. Who are you? Youichi said. (OCC)..
I'm Mai. Crying Spirit said.

The Spirit of Mai told Youichi everything.
Youichi hug the small chibi ghost.

Small Chibi Ghost fells
deep sleep on Youichi's arm.
Youichi brought it back to Lily
so she wont be looking all over again.
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Posted 3/11/12 , edited 3/11/12
Lily grab onto Mai as she pat
Youichi on the head. "Thanks You.." She told him
as she began to walk off until she began to glow
and she disappear.

Lily open her eyes as she removed her hands
off a Mai. She stood up as she placed her glove back
on her hand that said Death then she took out a
white one and put it on the hand that said Life.

"Ryuo, Tsubasa, Misaki, and Tai. Let's go..." Lily
order them as Tai follow her. Tsubasa and Misaki
follow behind her. Ryou look up at them. "Wait! What
about Mai?!" He asked as Lily stop.

"Take her to her room, tell her that this was all a dream.
We can't have her going around trying to kill Persona
now can we..." Lily said as she then went to Ryou and
she grab his wrist. "Come on before she wakes up,
we can't have her know we were hear." She said as she
began to drag him off, Tai, Misaki, and Tsubasa said
later to everyone and began to follow after Lily.
Posted 3/14/12 , edited 3/15/12
Megumi nodded and brought Mai to her room.
She just watch Mai. Mai started to groan
in pain and sit up. Megumi just fell asleep
with all those cries. Mai smiled and pat
Meg's head.

"Megi." Mai said in a fake tone.
Megumi woke up from someone
who is calling her. Megumi cries when she saw
Mai sitting on her bed. Megumi bounce on Mai.

"Ack!" Mai wail in pain and struggles.
"Get off!" Mai wail. Megumi nodded no.

"So what happen?" Mai said all of sudden.
Megumi stopped bouncing and stared
at Megumi with no emotion but in the inside
she panick.

"Its just a dream. That's all." A husky voice said
when the door was completely opened.
Both of them stared at the door. Ryou standing there.
"Ah another star prints." Ryou imiate Natsume's voice.

Mai fumed and threw vase at him.
Ryou caught it just in time.
"Hey be careful with that vase! I ALMOST GOT HIT!" Ryou
shouted at Mai who just stick her tongue out.

"Where did you come from? Aren't suppose to be with
Lily?" Megumi said.
"I was. When I heard you cried." Ryou said.
Mai thought of something to get Ryou attention like old times.
"Ryo-chibi, you dont want me to give
this naked of you with a duck boxers." Mai snicker.
Ryou flinch and tries to calm himself but went out of control.

"It was from your mother when we were kids." Mai said.
Megumi looked over Mai's shoulder
and took a peak on the photo. Ryou saw this.
cried and stomping his feet.

Megumi squealing and snatch the pic out of Mai's hand.
"I'm sending this to Hotaru-chan!" Megumi rushed out of the her room.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! GET BACK HERE!" Ryou flushed angrily and
chased both Meg and Mai. Mai went to other direction. Ryou stopped and
went to Meg's direction.

"GET BACK HERE! MEGUMI! GIVE ME THAT PIC!" Ryou shouted in the hallway.
"NO WAY!" Megumi shouted in happy tone and continue running.


Ruka and Natsume heard those
two loud mouths talking about Ryou whats.
Ruka sighed and went to the barn and pet
more animals.
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Posted 3/15/12 , edited 3/15/12
Misaki, Tsubasa, and Tai were waiting for Lily
while seh went to get Ryou. "I got money on that she drags him out."
Tai said to the others as he took his allowence out while smiling.
The other dug into their pockets and brung out theirs. "I bet you
she's gonna kick him out." Tsubasa said as Misaki shook
her head disagreeing with him. "No she's gonna pretend to use Death
and scare him out." She told the boys.


Lily walk inside a bit piss that Ryou left. She told
him not to see Mai until she finds them. She
finally heard screaming coming near her.
Lily look to see who it was and it was
Megumi and Ryou.

She took her black glove off her hand
and it read Life but she closed her eyes
and once she open them it change to death.
Lily allow Megumi to ran by her but she held her hand
out towards Ryou. "Stop. Before I use Death on you."
She told him as she glared towards him.
Posted 3/18/12 , edited 3/19/12
Ryou sweatdrops
at Lily. "I'm not scared of you." He said.
Megumi stop running. "Go find Mai.
I'm starving." Ryou shout out at Megumi.

Megumi nodded and rush to find Mai.
Megumi saw Mai eating with Mikan-chan and chatting.

"Hey no fair you eat with out me. Mai-chii." Megumi wail
and stomp on her feet.
Mai giggles. "I didn't started eating." Megumi trip on a rock.
Mai and Mikan saw this and laugh. Megumi pouted.

Mai took out Megumi and Ryou's bento.
Mai gave Megumi's her bento.
"WOW! Did you make this?" Megumi said
drooling. "OMG MY FAVORITE.
squeal and hugged Mai.
"So do you remember anything
from yesterday." Megumi asked.
"Nope. Why? Should i know." Mai said confused.

"So where's Ryou-chibi?" Mai snicker.
"Oh him. He got in trouble by Mikan's sister." Megumi giggles.
"Do still have the pic of him? Megu." Mai said.
Megumi nodded and wave the pic in front of her.
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Posted 3/18/12 , edited 3/19/12
Lily walk up closer to Ryou. "You aren't huh?
Well why don't you touch my hand and pull me into you." She told
him as she held her hand out towards him. She was gonna see if
he would actually do it.

Mikan look at Megumi with a smile. "Can I see?" She asked
them nicely. She wanted to know what was so funny
about the picture they had. She kept eating her food that she had
infront of herself.
Posted 3/18/12 , edited 3/19/12
Megumi show Mikan this cute picture of
"Ryou snuggling on his pillow with duck pjs."
Mikan squeal. "Awh~ Ryou-kun is so cute."
Mikan said look it up closely.

Ryou groaned.

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Posted 3/18/12 , edited 3/19/12
Lily waited for him to do what she told him.
This made her smirk when she saw that he wouldn't. "You are scared
of me. You idiot" She told him. She kept her hand out just in case he
proves her wrong.

Mikan kept looking at the picture. "Do you mind giving me one of these?"
She asked them since she thought it was cute.
Posted 3/26/12 , edited 3/26/12
Megumi gave one copy picture to Mikan.
"That will be 200 carrots please." Megumi said to Mikan.
"2 copies is 1000 carrots, 3 copies is 2000 carrots, 4 or 5 copies is 900 carrots.
And you get a free puppy/kitty if you get a copies of Ryou-chibi." Mai added while
Ryou reach for his picture out of Mai's hand. Ryou acts like a baby child.

Yuu rushed toward Mai asking her to sing for the Festival. Megumi squeal.
"Mai-san, Narumi-sensai wants me to tell you to sing for the festival." Yuu said as he heard her groan.
"I know you don't want it but you have to. its Narumi's order."
Yuu said and as he turn around Mai is gone.
"Where Mai?" Yuu ask Megumi.
"She probably went make out with Tai." Megumi snicker.
"Or go to Howloan store!" Mikan butted in.

"Meow!! (MEG!!)" Ryou sat on the floor meowing at Megumi angrily.
"KAWAII!" Mikan shouted at the poor kitty.
'Oops i turn him into a neko.' Megumi thought.
Megumi watch as Ryou purring at Mikan as she giggles.
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Posted 3/27/12 , edited 3/27/12
Lily look annoyed when she saw Ryou as a neko. She grab him out
of Mikan's hand. "I'll take this from you." She told her sister who tried
to reach for the neko. "But LilyFlower! I want the kitty!" Mikan said as
she kept trying to reach for it.

Lily just tap Mikan's head, well more of punch softly. "This is a bad,
stupid and crybaby kitty. If you get to close or pet it to long you'll catch
it's stupidity." When Lily said that Ryou tried to scratch her but she
simply flick his forehead hard. She then began to walk out.

Tsubasa and Misaki saw her. They both look at the neko. "Aw it's
so cute!" Said Misaki while Lily just rolled her eyes. "It's Ryou the
idoit.." She said then Misaki back away a bit. "I take that back, your
not cute..." She said which made Tsubasa and Lily laugh a bit.
Posted 3/27/12 , edited 3/27/12

Suddenly someone teleported and kidnap Ryou.
"Meo---" Ryou was cutted off and disappear.
"I think, that was Mai or was it the Angelina." Megumi said to herself.
"I haven't seen Angelina in the classroom at all.
She keeps on disappearing. That's what i heard from Sensai." Yuu said.
"Yah tht's probably Angelina. I wish that Angelina could stop disappearing.
I wonder were's Natsume he should be with me.
I got stuck with fan boys this morning." Megumi sighed.
Megumi dial her phone to Hotaru Imai.

"Hello Imai. Do you know where's Mai?" Megumi said on the phone.
"She's making out with Tai." Imai said in disgust tone.

"WHAT! OMG! Seriously Mai is really making out with Tai.
I gotta see this. Where are they?" Megumi squeal.

"She's Tai's room from what i saw in my spy camera.
And I'm with Ruka having a date when u interrupt me." Imai spat.

"Sorry for interrupting ur date. Okay thanks." Megumi said.
"You owe me 2k carrots for that." Hotaru said and hang up.

Megumi dragged Yuu and Tsubasa. "May i borrow Tsubasa for a bit.
I need to blackmail Tai and Mai." She grin evilly and got the camera.
They all went to Tai's room. Yuu quitely opens the door and saw them
really making out. Megumi squeal quitely. Tsubasa idk what's his reaction.
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Posted 3/27/12 , edited 3/27/12
Tai stop what he was doing as he parted from Mai. He look towards the
door as his eyes turned red. There he saw Yui, Megumi, and Tsubasa.
He smirk and he then lean into Mai's ear but it seem like he was kissing
her cheek. "We have three little spies. Wanna keep going or make them
leave?" He asked her as he pulled away from her ear.
Posted 3/27/12 , edited 3/27/12
"hmmm. no. maybe tonight.
Cause im starving." Mai said trying to get off but full off.

Megumi started to squeal and take as many of their pictures.
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