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Posted 3/31/12 , edited 3/31/12
Tai took this as an advantage to tease the three. When
Mai fell on the ground, he went down to the floor and got on top of her. "I can't
resist any longer..." He said loud enough for the three to hear. He then kept on
kissing Mai but it seem like he was kissing her on her neck.
Posted 3/31/12 , edited 3/31/12
Megumi brings out Mai's favorite snack out.
Mai sniff her favorite snack and crawls off Tai and went out the rooom silently.
Tai landed on the floor noticing that Mai wasnt in his room.

Mai was outside of the room munching cookies.
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Posted 3/31/12 , edited 4/1/12
Tai sat up and he leaned on his bed. He pushed
his hair back as he sighed. "Really Megumi, you had to do that? I thought
you wanted to see us making out." He said as his eyes turned red so he
could see threw the wall and door. There he saw Mai, Megumi, Ryou and
Tsubasa. "So you guys even came huh? Wow..." He said as he rolled his
Posted 3/31/12 , edited 4/1/12
Mai just finish eating her cookie
and went back to Tai's bed, and curls in a ball snuggling Tai.

Megumi thought of something and
went to the Newspaper Club and type up
" Best Couple Ever " and put the picture in.

Leaving Tsubasa, Tai, and Mai.
Tsubasa walked up to Mai and poke her a couple times.
Mai twitch and threw a
book at Tsubasa leaving Tai laughing.

Ryou chuckles as well staring at Tsubasa being attack.
"Hey mai when your done.
Make me those special yummy
cake you use to bake me when we were little." Ryou said.
He heard her groan.
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Posted 4/5/12 , edited 4/5/12
Tai stop laughing s he stood up. "I gotta find Lil'"
He said as he began to walk off as he dragged Tsubasa.
"Come on Shadow, we lost the bet and we owe Misaki."
He told him as he heard Tsubasa groan.

The two left until Lily and Misaki stood infront of them.
"Hey Lil'" Tai said breaking the silence. She looked at
him with a emotionless expression and she walked
past him to his room. There she stood at the door then
she leaned onto Ryou. "Yo Mai, if you hurt him, well I don't
think I have to say it.." And with that Lily walked off while dragging
Ryou along.

Misaki looked at Tai and Tsubasa. "I won and now you
two have to pay me back. We're going shopping later
and you two are buying for me and Lily plus your
holding our bags." She told them with a smile as
the two boys groan.

Lily began to walk off in the opposite direction with
Ryou without the others noticing. She stop behind
the wall and she push him into the wall. "Do you
wanna be with Mikan?" Lily asked him as she kept
her hands on his chest.
Posted 4/15/12 , edited 4/15/12
Mai blinked and quickly put her clothes on and left Tai's room.
She just shrugged at no one.
She didnt notice theres a foot in front of her so what
she did, she did a backflip and gives icy glares at Luna.
Luna smirked and send a text to Mai.
Mai read her text from Koizumi B*tch.

Koizumi B*tch Message:
I will make Tai and Natsume and Ryou mine. See yah Slut!
Tell that little punk Mikan Sakura that she will never
see Ryou ever again! Including that whore Megumi
trying to steal my Natsume. HAHAHAHA!! *evil laugh*

Mai got ticked off and blocked her number
she quickly send a message to Ryou to warn them.
Mai thought about something again and rushed to get Tai.
She also send a message to
Megumi about her plan to ruin Koizumi's evil plan.

Megumi was in the library doing
studies with Natsume who is helping her. She got a text
from Mai and told Natsume about Luna's evil plan. He was
super pissed. So he send a message to his friends about it.

Mai saw Luna near Tai as she watch. Luna told Tai about
something to get closer and you wanna know what she did
she kissed him with tongue war.Mai was in the door trembling.
She didnt cry she just hated Luna more than herself.

"Hello Luna. Having fun." Mai said in sick tone.
Luna stopped what she is doing and smirking.
Tai was just shocked and told Lily for help.

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Posted 4/15/12 , edited 4/15/12
Ryou was about to say something he then stop
himself once he got the text. He hit his fist on
the wall. "Come on with me," He told Lily. He
began walking off as she followed behind him.
Lily was confused until Tai told her by text.

A annoyed look came across her face. "Stupid
little..." She began to cuss underneath her breath.
The two then came to where the other three were.
Lily pulled onto Luna's hair. "Hello Luna," She said
to her in a cold tone.
Posted 4/15/12 , edited 4/15/12
Luna stared at Lily and snorted.
"You dont scare me, whore! Probably
tht bitch Mai told u come here!" Luna said haughlity (sp?).
Luna slap Lily's hand away from her.
She glares both at Mai and Lily.
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Posted 4/15/12 , edited 4/15/12
Lily's eyes widen when she called her
a whore and when she slap her hand
off of her. Tai and Ryou back up from
the three. They knew if Lily brung
out Reaper they would need to stop
her. Lily balled her fist and she brung it
back. She punch Luna in her stomach.
Her face was like her mother when Luna
said those things about her. "Don't ever
touch me nor call me a 'whore'," She told
her as she watch Luna fall to the ground.
Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/17/12
i can do whatever i want! Whore!" Luna smirked at Lily
and glance at Mai disgust and
grabbed her hair and knocked Mai out.
Mai passed out. Luna dragged her with her.
Luna havent notice that she left her note that she is
putting Mai in the cellar where Aoi use to be in.

Hii-sama Underground where Aoi use to be in POV
Luna smirked down at Mai and threw her to the cage.
Mai cough up blood and throws dagger at Luna.
Mai's left eye change into demon
eye but dropped down to the floor. Luna did not
notice that Natsume and Megumi were hiding.
Megumi watch as Mai get
totured by the new slut. She was furious.
Megumi send a message to Ryou only.

Message from Megumi
Message to Ryou

Ryou, this is Megumi. I need your help.
The only person to save Mai from Luna is Tai.
Since those two already bond their love already.
I cant use my dark magic against her.
Do me a little favor okay,
I need blood so you can control me to kill Luna okay.
I just dont want Lily be in involve. I dont mind if Lily killed Luna.
Luna isnt a 10 year old. She use gulliver candy to transform
as her 10 years old girl like herself. She is 20 yrs old. She is
Yuka Azumi's Best Friend now its Ex-best friend. I know you
still love me when i rejected your feelings since 3rd grade,
i know its my mistake. But, im letting go of Natsume so
Mikan and himself can be stronger.

I'm very sorry to say this but I have cancer meaning
the doctor told me last month that i have 3 months to live.
Please forgive me, for not telling this to you eariler.

Mai isnt human as well she was bond as Killer Demon.

Megumi smile weakly at Natsume to let
him go to get Mikan and protect her.
Natsume nodded and rushed out of this place.

Luna saw Natsume leaving and glares at
Megumi and grabbed her hair and
threw in the same cellar as Mai.
Luna left the cellar those two girls where in.
Megumi crawl to the corner and cried. Megumi looked up
and saw her friend beaten up and chain in the wall.
She tried everything and her alice. But its Water proof Chain.

Luna walked back to the cellar and grabbed Mai's phone in instead.
She didnt know that Megumi has her phone hidden.

Luna told Reo to keep an eye on them.
Reo nodded. Reo told his guard to watch them.

As for Natsume...

He ran away as fast as he could and bump into Mikan.
Mikan looked up at Natsume with a smiled then turn
into a frown when she saw Natsume in sad look.
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Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
When Ryou got the message, he was enraged. Lily saw it
from over his shoulder. Tai did the same. Lily had blank
experssion. "I'm not gonna kill her, momma wouldn't thi--"
Ryou cut her off as he pushed her into the wall and he put
his hand behind her. "I don't care what your mom might
think! Megumi and Mai are in trouble!" He told her as he
glared at her but she ignored him. "I'm not gonna kill
her," She said as the two boys sighed.

Ryou moved away from her and he looked towards Tai.
"Come on," He told him as they began to run off towards
Mai, Megumi, and Luna. Lily just stood there. She looked
down at her gloves. Lily are just gonna let them go
Asked a voice from behind. She looked behind
herself to see but she didn't see anyone. She knew it
was mother for sure. "But Reaper might come out and
kill her, I don't want to kill anyone." She said to the voice
and she felt a hand on her. You don't just have Reaper,
you also have Angel. Now go help them LilyFlower, they
need you to keep everyone calm and to make sure no
one gets hurt.
And with that the hand left and the
voice was gone. Lily smiled a bit as she began
walking the opposite direction. "Wait for me guys,"
She said outloud as she kept on walking.

Ryou and Tai arrived at the cellur. They saw the guards
infront of the cell. They were hidding. "Okay, whrere's the
blood?" Ryou asked Tai who went silent. "What blood?"
He asked as Ryou groan. "Nice work, Tai," He said
blamming it on his blonde friend.

Mikan looked at Natsume. "What's wrong, Natsume-kun?"
She asked him wondering why he looked so sad.
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
Reo's guard are guarding Megumi and Mai on hosted.
Megumi crawl toward Mai tries
to wake up but Mai didnt respond.
She can hear foot steps coming.

"Ah, Luna-sama.
These brats are here. Which one do you need?" Guard #1 said.
"Mai Seoung." Luna spat in disgust.
Guard #1 opens the door and unchain Mai.
Megumi watch as Mai been taken by Luna.
Luna notice that Megumi was staring at her.
"Give that noob a lunch." Luna sneer at one of the guards.
One of the guards left and get food for the Megumi.

"Your in AAO cellar. Its not my fault for beaten her up. It was Reo's boss orders.
If i were u, get away from here. I really dont care if i get killed." Luna sigh annoying.
Luna took out the guillver candy out of her mouth as her true form appears.

Megumi jaw dropped. "Luna-sama, i got tht brat her food." Guard #2 said.
"Alright put it in front of her." Luna said annoyingly and
pick up Mai to her shoulder and left the AAO Cellar.
Mai's hand twitch the bracelet that Tai gave
her just dropped to the floor. As for Luna, she heard something drop
on the ground she look around and shrugged and left.
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Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
Tai saw the bracelet. He was about to get it but
Ryou stop him. "Don't do it man," He told him
as Tai tried to get him off. Someone picked it
up. The person went over to the guards. "Who
are you?" They asked the person who just smirked.
The person had on a long black clock that had a
hood that covered their face. They had angels
wings on their back and a scthye{?} in their

The person sliced open the cage bars. The bars
fell apart and the person kicked both guards. The
person looked at Megumi. "Come on Meg," It was
Lily's voice and she began to walk off while she
walked past Tai and Ryou. "Come on you idiots,"
She told them as she threw the bracelet to Tai.

Tai got up and he caught it. "Why are you dress
like that?" He asked Lily who looked at him
through the clock. "I'm Reaper and Angel, you
see Lily won't hurt anyone but Reaper and
Angel will." She explain to the three as
they kept on walking, she was trying to
find Luna and Mai. "When I find Mama's boss,
I'm gonna hurt him," Lily said out loud as
she kept on walking.
Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/20/12
Megumi stood up and walked with Lily and the others.
Ryou keeps on staring on his ex-crush. Megumi
notice and sneak behind him and poke his weakspot.
"Give me a piggy back ride. Ryou-chii." Megumi whisper.
Ryou nodded and gives Megumi a piggy back ride.
While Ryou isnt looking
Megumi took out her lolipop and sucks it.
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Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/20/12
Lily stop as she pushed the others out of the way.
The floor had broke apart. "Only if you weren't here
I would of got them," Persona said as he walked
out the darkness. Lily held her weapon towards
him. "Move out the way Persona-kun," She told him.
There was ting of weakness in her voice.
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