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This where everyone seems to talk in the morning since they still have school and stuff~
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Mai told Narumi and Time traveler teacher to move Andou Tsubasa with us. They agreed.

Mai, Megumi, Tsubasa, Hotaru, Ruka, and Natsume walked to their classroom with Tsubasa along. Some girls squeal. Why is Tsubasa-kun doing here!! Fan girls squeal thoughts.
All of us ignore their comments and sat on the back row with Mai on the end and Me on the other side.
"Great another fan girls." Tsubasa hiss.
"Ignore them there just useless." Mai said calmy. I'll give you barrier minds and telepathy for all of us. So we can keep our minds away from Yome. Mai said telepathy. We all nodded.
Megumi gave them all ear plugs including Sumire Shouda. Sumire nodded. Sumire sat on Lily Sakura digusting seat. She wipe it with Yome's sweater and sat on it. Wakako did the same on Mikan Sakura's sit. Both of them sat next with Megumi.

All of us use telepathy and barrier minds for all of us. Megumi and Sumire laugh hastily. Wakako laugh and fall off her seat. Hotaru and Natsume snorted. Suddenly, the teacher came in. Wakako sat properly. Sumire and I stopped laughing. Anna and Nonoko gave me weird confused look. I told them on telepathy. Anna jaw dropped and laugh hastily in quite. Nonoko giggles.

Narumi walked in the classroom. And gave the students weird look. Why is everyone laughing about? Was it I said. He thought. He saw Lily and Mikan went inside the classroom.
"Take a seat now. you two." He said to both of them.

Mikan POV
Why is Wakako Usami bitch doing in my seat along with the rest. Ooooh Mai will be so busted!!! But i really dont know her alice nor Megumi-chan.

Lily POV
Why am I looking at Anna and Nonoko laughing about and why is Permy sitting in my seat. Oh well ill just sit on Sumire's old seat.
"Sis, go sit on Wakako Usami's old seat for the rest of the day." Lily said.

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Lily and Mikan went to the two other seats. Lily was messing with her hand that had glove on it. She couldn't belieave what Tsubasa had did. "Great almost everyone hates you..." She told her sister in a whisper.
"Don't yiu mean 'us'?" Mikan asked in a whisper
"I never cared if people did or didn't beside this is about you. Not me." She told her sister.
"Your right, this between me and them and I'll try harder to get them to become my friends. Especially Mei and Megumi." She said with a smile.

Lily's POV

When Mikan smilead, it reminded me of dad. I never could smile like that since I'm so much like mom.
"Sakura's can you please don't talk durring class." Narumi told us. Mikan nodded her head and I just look towards.
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Friends with Sakura Mikan. Yuck! I rather be dead then being friends with the annoying mutt. Mai said darkly
She seem nice. Megumi said in telepathy.
nICE! PFFT tht mutt cant stop calling me -chan on it. She is stupid. Mai continue saying it on telepathy.

Mai threw paper spit at Mikan's back head. The rest of her friends laugh.
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Milan kept looking forward. Lily took the paper spit out het sister hair. She then turn to look at Mail.
"Mai-chan please don't do that." Lily told her, she knew she hated being called -chan after he name hut she did it on purpose.
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"I'm Sorry. Lily-chan." Mai said sweet puppy tone.
Mai stood up and sat next to Sumire and pay attention the teacher.
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Lily kept looking at Mai. "It's werid how you slap Mikan when she called you 'Mai-chan' and when I call you that, it's like you don't mind." She said to her as she then turn around to pay attention in class even though she didn't really need to. Tai burst through the doors.
"Sorry I'm late. I overslept." Tai said to Narumi who just sighed.
"It's fine, Tai. Just go seat down.." Narumi told him.
Tai went over to Lily and Mikan. He sat down by Lily who look at him from the corner of her eye. "Yeah, you 'overslept'." She said using airquotes.
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Mai gives icy glares at Mikan. Megumi just doddle on her notebook. Listening to Narumi is in pain.
"EVERYONE!, We have a new student today. Please come over here Koizumi." Narumi said. As the "new student" walked in some boys has hearts eyes and the girls are jealous they dont care if its another slut unless Mai is still here.
"Please introduce yourself Koizumi-san." Narumi said.

"Hello, My name is Luna Koizumi. My alice is Soul-Sucking. Please be nice to me." Luna said sickly flirt tone. She spotted a hot guy with raven hair and crimson eye.
"Well then any questions for her." Narumi said.
Some students mutters and blunt out.

"What's your star ranked?"
"What's your class type?"
"Are you single?"
"There's no way she is hotter then Mai."
"Yeah coz Mai is our Queen and her FQ is higher."
"I TOLD YOU SHE IS A SLUT! SHE JUST WANT NATSUME!" (tht was Sumire and Wakako shouting. Sumire and Wakako defends on Mai.)

"Ooh Okay! Luna Koizumi please go in the back row." Narumi said. Two girls on the back seat wont give their seat. Mai clings on Natsume. Natsume doesnt care and saw the slut student. He shrugged. He wraps his arms around Mai and Megumi.
Luna walks up the back row and saw two girls with the hot guy.
"Excuse me can i seat here." Luna said angrily.
"No." Mai said icy tone.
Students backed away.
"Please." Luna said.
"PLEASE!!!" Luna got angry.
"No. You fucken moron. YOu cant seat here its already taken." Megumi snarl.
"Bitch!" Luna shriek. Luna went up to Mai and slap her.

SMACK But Megumi got slapped by Luna. Mai was shocked.
' OUCHIE! ' Megumi said in telepathy.

Mai was furious and glare murderously at Luna. "GET OUT!" Mai said in murder tone that makes Luna shiver in fear. Luna sat next to Sumire. But Sumire give her digust and pushed her off. Luna sat next to Ruka and flirt with him. But Hotaru baka gun her. Luna sat next to Yura.

' Should we humiliated her. Since she did enough damage.' Sumire said telepathy.
' Go right ahead. Sumi-chan.' Mai said annoyingly. While Mai comfort Megumi when she was crying in hurt.
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Mikan went over to Megumi and Mai, with an concern look. "Are you okay Megumi-chan?" She asked her, she felt bad that she got slap since she didn't do anything wrong.

Lily went over to Luna even when Narumi told her to sit. "Now how did you do this Koizumi?" She asked her knowing who she really was.
Tai sat there while petting Cresent. He knew how this turn out if Luna said the wrong that to Lily.
"I don't know what your talking about." Luna told Lily
"Yeah sure you don't. Now why are you here?"
"Really I don't know what your talking about."
"Okay you don't." Lily said not believing her. "Also don't keep away from everyone and tell him to stay away as well."

Lily then went to her seat as Luna look at her. "Who is this 'him'?"
"Someone who I will personality kill" Lily said as she took her glove off and put it on the table and she began to look at the mark on her hand.
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Megumi nodded and stops crying.
She curl in ball in the corner.
Mai stared at Megumi seeing her
like her dear sister. Mai glares at Luna.

How dare she slap my Megumi.
When i get my hands on her throat ill kill her.
My where did the word come from. Freaky! :-D
Anyway, tht bitch shall pay for this.
No one hurt my dear Megumi. Megumi is like a sister to me.

Megumi POV
Stupid girl. *sniffs* I hate new students *sniffs* they do deep trouble things.
I only protected Mai because I'm like her sister. She cares for me more than
my brother who doesnt care. All he cares about himself being a playboy here
in this school. And here he comes now. Well he does care about me.


A door slammed as Ryousuke Fujimoto
walks in and sat next to Tai and Lily.
Ryou sure does have a deep crushed with Mikan.

Ryou stopped and saw Megumi crying in ball.
He rushed in toward Megumi. Megumi told everything.
He was very mad. He glance at Mai. Mai pointed at that girl.
Ryou walked up to her and slam his hand on the " new girl's " desk.

MY SISTER! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!" Ryou spat at the new girl.
Suddenly Luna hides her smirk and quicken deep kiss on him.
Ryou was disgust he pushed her to the floor and kick her in the stomach.
"Disgusting Mutt. Get your own guy." Ryou said icy tone.

He went back to his seat right next to Tai and Lily. And silently curses.
Ryou wipes off his mouth and drank his drink.
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Lily put her glove back and she look at Luna who was getting up from the ground.
"Are still gonna keep this up?" She asked her as Luna glared at her as she held her stomach.
"What the hell are you talking about?! And who the hell are you?!" Luna spat towards her as Lily
turn back around. "Lily Sakura, the grim reaper." Luna's eyes wided at her last name. "Also you might
wanna be careful with who you try to hurt." Lily added.

"Why should I listen to you?" Luna asked her, this time Lily took awhile to answer her.
"You should know, do you miss her?" Luna mouth almost fell to the ground. With this Lily smirk
since she knew she had won.

"Wow Lil'" Tai said as Cresent went over to her and she began to pet him. She then look to Ryou.
"I can't believe she kiss you..." Lily told him as her smirk was still on her face.
"Shut the hell up, Lily..." Ryou told her as he kept cursing under her breath and trying to get the
taste of Luna out of his mouth.

"I'm also kinda surprise that you didn't like it, I mean your a playboy an--" Lily was cut off by Ryou
who glared at her. "Shut the hell up you bitch!" He scream towards her which made her smirk
turn into a smile that made her look like her mother. "Another win for the Grim Reaper." She
said as Tai look at her with a shock face. "Omfg{Oh my fudging gosh} Lil' just smiled. This
is a first." He said as she turn to him with the same smile.

Ryuo got piss off and glared at the two. "How can you two be joking? My sister just got slap!"
This made the two stop smiling and they look at him with their normal emotional expression.
"My sister got slap by Mai, so I know how it feels. So don't start, I'm still piss off from what
happen in the town." Lily told him as she went back to paying attention Narumi who was looking
between her and Luna.

"Narumi-sensei, why do you keep looking between me and Luna? Do you remeber something?"
Lily asked him which made him come back to normal. "Care to tell us?" She asked him once again.
"Oh it's nothing, I mean you kids will fall asleep on it.." Narumi told her as he went back to teaching.

Mikan went by Megumi. "I'll get Luna back for you Megumi-chan and for you two Mai-chan." She
told her even though she know that Mai hated to be called that. "No one hurts the person who I'm trying
to be friends with." She said as she stood up and look towards Luna then she went back to
looking at Megumi.
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I soften her eyes and stared at Ryou. "That was a bit to harsh."
"Well you started slapping Mikan." Ryou stated. I sigh.
Curses, i went a little to far. Maybe ill just go apologize to her.
Somehow my dark side went overwelme me again.
I thought.
She dial the number for Howloans Company.

"Hello, this is Mai. I would like to buy 10 different kinds of
howloans in one big box. And put a music note in it. You know
what kind of music note." I said on my bluetooth mic on my ear.

"Yes. And how much is that. Alright thanks. Please deliver in my classroom.
Teacher is Narumi L. Anjou. Class 2-B. And its in the Elementary Division." I added on.
I closed the phone shut. Everyone was looking at me.
I gave them death glares and they turned around shivering.


"Hello, this is Mai. I would like to buy 10 different kinds of
howloans in one big box. And put a music note in it. You know
what kind of music note. Its for a friend that i got mad" Mai said on my bluetooth mic on my ear.

"Yes. And how much is that. Alright thanks. Please deliver in my classroom.
Teacher is Narumi L. Anjou. Class 2-B. And its in the Elementary Division." Mai added on.
Mai closed the phone shut. Everyone was looking at me.
Mai gave them death glares and they turned around shivering.

Mai gave Mikan surprised smiled. She send telepathy message to Mikan's mind.
I'm so sorry for slapping you in the town. I dont know what
came over me. Oh and please accept this present.
Mai telepathy said through
Mikan's mind and accidentally went to Tai and Lily's mind.
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Mikan look a bit taken back at what Mai said in telepathy. She gave her a huge
smile. "It's okay! I hope we can forget what happen back then and become
friends!" She told her as Tai and Lily both smiled.
"Since we got that taken care of, I'm out of here." Lily said as she got up from her seat.

She look at Tai and Ryou. "You two wanna come?" She asked them as Tai stood up
and he held onto Cresent who flew out of Lily's arms. "Sure why not." He said as the
two look at Ryou for his answer. "You know what, your coming either way." Lily told him
as she pulled him up to his feet. "Mikan stay here for now." Her sister told her as she drag
Ryou and Tai out the classroom.
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Narumi walked inside the classroom again with a gift box. "Mikan-chan there's a gift present for you. Someone in this room send it to you." Mai rolled her eyes. What an idiot for pretending. Mai thought. Megumi just jaw dropped. Luna rushed toward Narumi.

"Sensai, I send that gift to Sakura Mikan-san." Luna said flirty tone. Narumi never shows his emotion just being digusted.
"Since when did you buy Mikan-chan a present. Do you have any proof?" Mai butted in.
"No. Pfft. Some unknown slut like you won't be giving a forgiven present." Luna snarl at her.
Mai just mute her with her dark magic. "As you can see, I dont see the recipe(sp?) on your hand. You've been in the class for 1 or 2 hours. If you havent notice that Mai isnt here but came back from somewhere else." Megumi said.
"Who ask you to butted in Slut." Luna snarl at Megumi.
Megumi was hurt and did a cute puppy dog eyes about to cry. She stay down and keep her mouth shut.
"Good." Luna spat.

"Luna Koizumi, Mai Hyeoung you two have detention tomorrow afternoon." Narumi interrupted them. Luna and Mai glares at each other as a contest.

A young girl named Elizabeth Parker walked in the classroom. Narumi stared at her suprisingly.
"Eliza-chan why were you late?" Narumi said.
"I got lost. And thanks to Misaki-sempai for helping me. I got sick yesterday so I was in the Alice Hospital and got recover." Elizabeth said quietly.

Luna snorted. Great another bitch and a nerd.
"Eliza-chii come and seat with me and Meg. Don't listen to that noob." Mai said happily and bounce on Eliza. Elizabeth smiled happily.
Luna jaw dropped. Luna ignore those bishes.

Elizabeth sat next to Megumi instead of Mai. Mai pouted. Luna snorted when she saw that. "Looks like Parker-san doesn't like you."
Elizabeth was furious. Megumi calm Liza down. Elizabeth calms down.
"Quit butting into someones business. That doesnt mean I dont like Mai. Plus she didnt have room for me to sit. What's so big a deal about disliking others. It is so uncool. And for your information. Koizumi-san. Don't talk to my best friend like that. As you can see Luna your the bitch not Megumi or Mai. So I wouldn't be messing with them if I were you. Megumi is the headmistress of this school. So SHUT UP! Or you will be expelled for good! And I will take your Alice away." Elizabeth explained to Luna, who is completely stupid and stubborn.
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Mikan took the box from Narumi as she look to Mai with a smile.
Then she look at Luna with the same smile. "Don't lie, it's not nice." She told her as
she went to her seat and she sat alone as she admire her gift.

She really didn't pay much attention to what was happening since she was looking at her gift.
"Mai-chan is a good person no she's great friend!" Mikan said outloud which caught people's attention.
She look up to see that she said her thought out loud. "Oops, I was being loud again." She said to them all.
She let out a nervous laugh then everyone went back to paying attention to Narumi or either talking to
their friends, ingoring Mikan like nothing happen.
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