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Sharing or no sharing room

Magic Dorm. Each dorm room has a portal for you to enter and outside. u can shout out what dorm you want and the room will go AUTOMATIC. you dont need a room service to make it for you.
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Angelina brought Mai to her room. They both enter.
Angelina saw the background changing into sad neko.
Angelina smiled at Mai and went back to her room for some sleep.
She felt bad for her being heart broken. She wrote a note for Mai.

This is Angelina. If you want to avoid Tai the most. Maybe we should
eat get something to eat in the cafeteria. I didnt get a chance to eat.
Let's bring our friends. Leave Megumi and Natsume alone for now.

Sincerely Loved,
Angelina Imai

P.S.: Please stop crying. I don't want to see you cry.

Angelina wrote a note for her and left the room to hers.
Angelina walked to the Sunlight Dorm. She ignore Tai as well.
She telepathy to everyone except for Lily to ignore Tai.
Mikan send a telepath to her why. Angelina sighed and told
Mikan in telepathy that Tai rejected Mai's feelings. Mikan was
with Yuu in Central Town. Mikan gasped.

In Central Town

Anna, Nonoko, Mikan, and Yuu were chatting they heard
Angelina's voice. Mikan gasped and felt pretty bad for Mai.
Anna and Nonoko just nodded.
Yuu was like his older sister (Mai).
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