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Posted 2/6/12 , edited 5/6/12
I might post our begginings here and will continue in the main story page.

Lost our text messages :O

Whats happened so far....

So, to start off our story, a girl named Mosi has come to Japan to finally meet her step-brother Lupin. As she gets off the airport, she meets a mysterious bellhop named Max, who helps her with her luggage. Mosi then realizes that she has no idea with what her stepbrother looks like [besides his old pictures] and begins to panic. Max then suggests that the person she is looking for must be that man over there, saying something about the "black cat" not coming to this area often. Mosi finds that comment odd and tries to ask the bellhop about what he meant, but when she looks back to ask him, he's gone. Thinking that something important may have come up for Max, she diregards it and goes to meet her brother.

She goes and meets up with her brother, and notices a young girl nearby. She recalls from her parents that her cousin also lives with Lupin in his apartment, so she assumes that this "little girl" was that cousin of hers. Mosi then introduces herself to the both of them and, to her disapointment, finds out that her stepbrother Lupin is a rude bas**** that doesn't care for her At. ALL!
"Um...Mosi, you're not suppose to be writing this summary..."
"Oh...yeah...sorry, I couldn't help myself...."
Aaaanyway, Mosi soon discovers that Lupin's a jerk and this "little girl" [whom is known as Miki] is actually 2 years older than her, seeing that she turns 17 right after winter break. Mosi is surprised at this, but ends up believing her, thinking that her cousin would have no reason to lie about her age.

Now...since I'm lazy for now, I'll just bullet the things that happen! :D
"Yaaaay, finally!"
"Tch...lazy good for nothing."
"Shut up Lupin, you're lazy too! D< "
"At least I'm not stupid like you, you dumb dog! D< "
"You're so meeean! D: "
"...... -sigh-"

Summary Outline:
+ During the car ride to the apartment, Mosi brings up Max and mentions that he's like a ghost. Miki and Lupin then mention that ghosts don't exist, like they're trying to cover something up. Mosi gets upset saying she believed hey did and they get to the apartment.
Mosi then gets excited and heads up to their apartment room and asks Lupin where she should put her stuff. He points her to the empty room and she comes back out and explores the grounds and blah.
+ Mosi is now outside and then meets a ghost named Catherine/Cathy. She chats with her and and invites her to dinner before going back to the apartment.
+ At this point, Lupin and Miki are suspicious of Mosi for seeing ghosts and having an acute sense of smell, considering that she cleaned the whole living room to get the cat smell off of it.
+ They all have dinner together...and she finds out how AWESOME Lupin's cooking is! :D
"I'm sorry. D: "
+ They go to bed. Most then gets a night terror of her past and she wakes up sweating. She tries to sneak out in vain because Lupin seems to have noticed her walking out...which is odd since he mentions that he woke up because he could hear her steps all the way from the back of the hallway. She gets mad, he says something mean, she gets madder, Lupin seems unconcerned byt still tries to convince her to stay. She gets super mad and basically walks out and slams the door before Lupin can do anything...
"......-disapproving head shake-"
"Well what do expect me to do?! He was being mean! D: "
"Shut up you!"
"You shut up! D< "
"...Anyway, the narrator needs to finish this summary, so...can you two plese stop arguing..."
"....Fine! >: "
+ Mosi gets out and notices a raven perched on the roof before it flies away. She doesn't find this important though.
+ The story changes to Miki, who walks past an electronic store. The news channel is on and she sees that a serial killer is out on the loose. He apparently seems to target young women, a perfect snack for a certain shadow of hers.
+ Meanwhile, Mosi was eating at a ramen store, before going back out to take a stroll. The mentioned serial killer then follows her out and well...stalks her.
+ Miki then finds out that Mosi is out and about because of a certain raven that Mosi paid no attention to. The raven seems to be Miki's pet Kuro.
+ Miki finds Mosi and sees her being stalked. She then follows those two, while cloaked in the shadow.
+ The serial killer tries to kill Mosi in this bridge area and goes all chimera on him and almost beats him to death. The smell of blood was enough to make Mosi sick to her stomach, making her jump into the water.
+ While Mosi was underwater, Miki quickly takes this opportunity to eat his body with her shadow and she goes back to to the shade to hide herself. Also, her shadow leaves behind a few large, black feathers and sopme teath marks on the ground. Note: Miki saw everything when Mosi went all chimera on his a**.
+ Mosi comes out of the water and notices the teath marks on the ground, as well as the feathers. She then remembers Lupin's warning, which was in the earlier arguement...where she got reaaally maaad. She realizes that there are forces beyond her comprehension that she may not be able to deal with. With newfound determination, Mosi takes a black feather and goes home.
+ Meanwhile, Miki, who still is at the bridge area, overhears a conversation and stuff, between Max and Anton, a teacher at her school. They seem to be talking about Mosi and her past. They then leave and Miki goes home.
+ Mosi comes home and Lupin asks Mosi about where she's been. She's too sleepy to keep up a cponversation and passes out on his couch...
"Damn you! You're not allowed to sleep on my couch! D< "
"Are you seriously mad about something as stupid as that?! D< "
"...Can we get back to the summary..."
+ Lupin sighs and carries her to her room. He notices the black feather in her pocket before placing her on her bed.
+ Miki comes home and finds Lupin still awake. Miki warns him about the black cat and tells him that she'll tell him about what happened that night. They go to bed.
+ It's morning now and Mosi woke up early to make breakfast after finding out that Lupin's sleeping like a log. Catherine comes by and spends breakfast with them. Lupin is still sleeping, and Miki and Mosi decide to go to the mall.
"Yaaaay! It's done! "
"Tch, you're so childish."
"Shut uuuup! D:"
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