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yay, i finally worked up my 500 points so i can start a new topic.

So. I looked at all the other threads, and I'm thinking, " what?"
Like seriously.. Yea, sure, we want to know more about people before we'd consider them... but at the same time, shouldn't the same apply in reverse?

So, mine's gonna end up a lot wordier. Partly coz i just tend to rant and ramble, too.

So lets start with:

Name? I'm Dave. What do you like to be called? Not your CR username, seriously, I can see that if/when you post.

Age? Also, my age in my profile isn't exactly accurate. I'm a couple years OLDER. Obviously, if that's an issue for you, I don't expect to hear from you.

Gender: I'm a guy, interested in girls. Yea, I'm sure all you boys out there are super disappointed and all.

Description of yourself? Use a picture if you like, but not an anime character. I'm interested in you, not someone you sorta kinda might look like. I'm 6'3, brown hair to my shoulders (probably getting a cut soon), brown eyes, glasses, a bit heavy but i'm trying to exercise more and lose that. I usually wear t-shirts with funny sayings, and loose slacks or baggy jeans with straps and chains.

Sexuality: Straight, or Bi? Nothing against homosexual, but as we just discussed, gay won't work for me, and lesbian won't work for you.

Relationship: I'm single. You should be too. I'm not looking for anything super serious (to start), but I don't want to come in 2nd to your "real" bf either.

--On that note, how serious of a relationship are you looking for? Someone to play with? Something for online only? Something simple that might get more serious later?

Personality: In person, I'm a fairly shy person until I've gotten to know you, or it's some kind of group that i 'understand', like an RP gaming group, or such. Online, I'm quite a bit less reserved, and more flirty.
How about you? The shy, quiet type? Calm and intellectual? Passionate and fiery?
Loud, demanding, and like to play mindgames? (don't waste your time if you are; I'll tell you where to go and how to get there without any hesitation.)

What kinds of situations do you have trouble dealing with?
-- If I ask you what's bothering you, are you going to tell me? Or just pretend it's nothing? I've been online long enough to get pretty good at being able to tell, even just thru text chat. On the other hand, if you keep telling me it's nothing, I'll let it go, even if I don't really believe you.

--Are you honest? I mean, I don't really care too much if you don't use your real name, or fudge your personal info. If something happens (you decide to go hang out with friends, you meet someone else, etc) are you going to tell me, or just make up some kind of story so i don't get 'hurt'?

What are your Likes?
--What kind of stuff do you do for fun? Besides stuff on CR, that is. I like video games (PC and console; i have an X360), mostly shooters, RTS and RPG's. I also like dating games, and 'life trainers' (like Princess Maker, and such), but since it's kinda hard to find these in english and I can't read japanese yet, I don't get to play as many of these as I'd like. Mostly I entertain myself with a lot of videogames and anime and Tv.

--What kinds of anime do you like? I like sci-fi and drama, high-school, and in general I'll give pretty much anything a chance. There -are- a few anime I have really disliked, but they've been so far between, I actually can't remember any right now.

--Do you play videogames? Something more complex than Facebook games, at least. Like I said before, I play a lot of games.

--What kind of music do you like? I love Dance, Techno, Metal, most stuff with a lot of energy and a fast heavy beat. Plus I can find stuff I like in almost any genre.. tho it's a lot harder to do in some genres, of course. (country and modern rap..)

Dislikes: Is there anything you really -seriously- dislike? Stuff you'd avoid if you could, or serious deal-breaker things, like "i'd dump a guy if he _____..." Personally, I really don't enjoy watching sports very often,and I have zero interest in participating in them. As for "deal-breakers", i haven't found any yet.

Cats or Dogs? Which one do you prefer? I'm a cat person.. tho I'm living with 2 dogs right now..

Religion: I'm agnostic (skeptical non-believer; as opposed to atheists, committed non-believers.) Personally, I find organized religion to be one of the worst ideas that humanity has come up with. (Personal spirituality is a different thing, mind you.) So if you're religious, expect that I won't participate in it with you, and occasionally I'm going to poke fun, if/when some kind of logic-hole in your belief system comes up. Mind you, I'd do the same thing if I found logic-holes in your non-religious beliefs too, so I'm not just picking on religion here.

What do you do for a job? Or are you still in school/college/uni? (And what do you want to do when you grad?) I've been out of work for a while, not having much luck with employment. Planning to take some school, and get a Comp.Sci. degree, in programming, assembly, repair, or something like that.

--How much free time do you have? And of that, how much time do you spend online? Ie; how much time do you think we'd be spending together (as much as that's possible, online anyways)? I spend a lot of time online, and I'm usually available when I'm on, too, as long as I'm not playing a game full-screen (and even then, sometimes).

--How do you communicate when you are online? As in, how and where do you chat? Besides on here that is. Facebook, Myspace, Windows/Yahoo/AIM messengers... something else? Anyways, that's the list I use.

--And my answers.

How do you think the world will end?
--Fiery death when the sun explodes. I know we have lots of technology that -could- blow the whole planet up, but I believe that the reasonable moderate people outnumber the crazy extremists to enough of a degree that we'll never -quite- go that far. Obviously, this assumes that life as we know it, and the thoughts/attitudes of the masses, continues without major upheaval.

What would you do in case of a zombie apocolapse?
--Get the guns and welding gear. Somebody else has to drive the Bus'o'Death, but I'll help you build it.

What would you do if I caused the zombie (or zombie, robot, alien, etc..) apocalypse?
--Muwahahahahaha~!!! *evil scientist grin*
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