Mystic Heroes (Game Cube)
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Posted 2/9/12 , edited 2/10/12
Recently I've started replaying Mystic Heroes and I have yet to complete my rune dictionary. I'm missing #49 Kinben. All the available guides for this game either say nothing or that Kai (secret unlockable character) starts off with it. However, the GC version does not employ unlockable secret characters so I have no idea how I'll be able to get this one.

You can get most of the runes just by playing all four characters in normal story mode to completion. The rest have specific requirements such as playing co-op or vs mode a certain number of times, beating easy/hard story, beating the survival mode, etc. Yet #49 still eludes me. If anyone has info on this one as recalling the events that lead to obtaining it, it would be much appreciated.

Btw, I played Shiga on normal to completion (to get some good runes) and then played the survival mode first all 3 normal sets and then the last hard set (because you need to complete all normal to unlock hard survival). This way I can rush the most awesome rune of them all, Togen which grants unlimited magic.
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Posted 3/29/12 , edited 3/29/12
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Posted 7/19/12 , edited 7/19/12
I don't know of many people who actually played Mystic Heroes. I always thought I was a loner. Nice to see other people playing the old stuff, and appreciating it, but sadly, I never completed it. I hope you find the rune. If all else fails, have you tried Gamefaqs? That' what I've used for years, and on every one of my repeat playthroughs of games, I find my needs there.

I wish you luck on your search!
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