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Posted 2/11/12 , edited 2/12/12
Alright I'm feeling lazy so... no fancy text or bold writing or any of that fancy garbage, here it is quick and simple.

1. No god modding; as in... if someone abiliterates your entire being you cannot magically reform and become just fine again.

2. look... plain and simple... dont start any drama with others in the roleplay or forum, if you have an issue stop bitching about it and come talk to one of the moderators. We will handle it, I promise.

3. Make friends, have a good time, and just be who you want to be. This roleplay takes place in feudal japan so if you're going to have technology and what not.. keep it simple, keep it believable. If you have a really awesome idea, throw it into your character sub. and we'll take a look at it. The worst that can happen is we say no, but we'll make a reasonable compensation.

So yea... rules
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