Original Net Animation and Censorship
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Posted 2/11/12 , edited 2/12/12
Original Net Animation is exactly what it says on the tin. Animation made originally for the net.

Censorship is the suppression of ideas that some find offensive. Examples: censoring foul language.

What does this have to do with each other?

For the most part the internet is far less censored than television is. However television gets more viewers...for now.
But with the constant increase in censorship will the networks be able to keep up much longer before fans just
give up on shows? It's one thing to tone down a show but it's at the point where shows NOT meant for kids
are being made for kids and the result is very awkward. Of course there will always be that loyal audience
who watches no matter how much a series is brought down by censoring.

So what's my point?

As I said the internet is far less censored than TV. There's a lot more you can get away with on the net
than you can on TV. Of course TV has late night shows that have little to no censorship but here's
the problem--they are late night. Internet has one major advantage and that is you can watch
shows anytime and anywhere. TV gets more viewers but it's important to remember that TV
has been around for ages. Stuff like youtube is still relatively new. Just seven years old.

Good article on tv vs youtube that I suggest you read


The internet is becoming the new television and people know this. That's why stuff like Youtube, Hulu, and even Crunchyroll exist. We don't have to wait until a dub version of a show. We can watch the sub right now.
And that's not to hate on dubs. I love dubs. I just hate waiting for them. It's awesome we can watch
anime the same time as Japan. But I'm thinking of going the next step.

Uncensored anime made exclusively for the internet or in this case crunchyroll.
You would take a show like...let's say Naruto. Have the censored one on TV
and the uncensored one on Crunchyroll. Then see how they compare.
At first TV may get more viewers but that will because people are just used to it.
Give it time and marketing and it's quite possible that the uncensored anime will win.
Why? Because that's what we fans want. We want our anime as close to the manga
as possible. Why is it so bad for a kid to hear "FUCK!" but ok for them to read it?
It's not difficult at all for kids to get a hold of age inappropriate manga.

Hell one could argue censorship fuels piracy. Why would anyone bother paying for
a show ruined by censorship? Because it hurts the authors? Well screw them.
I know that must be rather terrible for me to say. But really they had it coming.
If authors are so concerned with making some quick cash that they are willing
to sacrifice the quality of their work then frankly I don't think they deserve to get paid.

Now it's true there are uncut DVDs and thank goodness for them.
But the problem with them is that we have to wait forever for them.
And there's no guaranteed that they will actually drop the censoring.
Sometimes the censoring is built into the show and it sucks. Majorly.

I dunno maybe I'm being unrealistic here. Maybe making uncensored anime for Crunchyroll subscribers
is too expensive? Maybe it won't get enough viewers like censored anime on TV somehow does?

But I DO know that as a fan I would pick a uncensored anime over a censored one any day of the week.

How about you?

And also does anyone know any good Original Net Animations?

Any on Crunchyroll? If not...why not?
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Posted 2/11/12 , edited 2/12/12
As a fan, I would also pick uncensored over censored.. And I was about to say that I am a member of Crunchyroll, but then I realized I was on "Crunchyroll"
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Posted 2/11/12 , edited 2/12/12
agreed, i don't see any point of censoring anything everyone already know what there doing or saying!
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Posted 2/12/12 , edited 2/12/12
I'm against censoring on the concept alone, doesn't matter what level or what gets censored, the concept of it pisses me off. I'm ok with them censoring what shows on tv in order to satisfy the prime time censors, but never ever release censored content on disk, that's sacrilege far as I'm concerned.
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Posted 2/12/12 , edited 2/12/12
I hate when things get censored, I always try to hunt down places i can see the uncensored version and if I cant i wait until dvds come out :\.
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Posted 2/12/12 , edited 2/12/12
for those who think my post was tl;dr

here's the reader's digest version

1.Censorship sucks. But it's a fact of life.
2.They should have uncensored anime on crunchyroll. At least as an option.
3.They can release the censored version on TV.
4. Waiting for the DVDs is lame sauce since you first have to wait for it to be dubbed
and while dubs are great they take a really long time to localize.

Also on a sorta separate topic. Original Net Animation.
Does anyone else like the concept as much as I do?
I just wish I knew some good ONAs to watch. :)

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