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Posted 2/11/12 , edited 2/15/12
This takes place in a completely different era and realm then your real life realm, the earth or human realm. Here... in this place is a gathering of many samurai, and warriors. Good, and bad. The basic outline of what you need to know is there is five country's that take the form of an X with the middle country being the center for all major fights. The deal is... Kodenbushi or 5th rank samurai are put to the test in an arena... a fight to the death with two gods. the gods names are unknown currently but will become well known soon. Your goal as a samurai is to climb the ranks from apprentice all the way up too Kodenbushi so that you can take on the god(s) and obtain immortality and rain your control over all the different countrys. Think you have what it takes? Well make a character and we can get started. You can make a character from several different realms all with different abilities and level of technology. However there is a twist in the story plot... there are gems scattered around the Kaidesu world and must be found to obtain god like power... on your journey to find these gems you will encounter monsters, thugs, bandits, rogue samurai, and a lot more. Cut them down to take whats yours or die in a pool of your own blood. These gems give you the power to do anything from becoming invisible to creating time rifts. Each person can only have one of these gems and each of these gems have a element, and ability. FORTUNATELY... you get too choose what the ability is and what element out of five it is (earth, wind, water, fire, and lightning). like I said before you can only have one and if you try to take in more then one it will destroy you. Also... when you kill another person, if they had a gem, it is destroyed with them even if its in their weapon. Why? Because it's linked with their soul. HOWEVER there is one exception to the "one gem" per person limit... if you can kill the gods then you can obtain their gems giving you immortality and a second ability. Now you're probably wondering "how do I kill a god?"... only experimentation and practice can tell. IF IN THE EVENT THAT YOU DO "DIE" we will give you another chance to play on with your current character, stripping them of their abilities and elements once more but can have the same amount of money, and rank as before. If you fail this test your character permanently dies and you are more than welcome to create a new one. Every time you die with the same character the test you have to pass will get harder. Now the tests will remain the same so you can learn from your friend (or foe's) mistakes.

Gems can be implanted inside of your weapon to make your weapon more deadly, or your body to make yourself a living, walking, breathing weapon. Your main ability comes from your gem and so does your secondary. Your main ability is the one that allows you to teleport though time and space or something of your choosing, your secondary is your element... you can control this element at your will. HOWEVER... YOU WILL HAVE TO PRACTICE IN ORDER TOO BUILD YOUR POWER UP in your gem in order to perform bigger, stronger, longer lasting attacks. The more you practice the higher your power level will become. You can practice by picking up warrants and bountys from the members section in the forum.

So that pretty much sums it up, have questions? Post them in the question section here on the crunchyroll forum. other than that get your characters started and lets get this going, shall we?
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