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Posted 2/12/12 , edited 2/12/12
Roleplaying in this group will be easier than tying your shoe, trust me.

First things first:

Starting a roleplay - Making a thread

Basically all you do is make a thread titled with a cool title you have made up. Here is an example.

Is This Really Love...?

In the thread description, put what type of character(s) you want or need. Here is an example:

(Male/Straight Needed)

I'd like you to keep it in parenthesis please.

Next, you create the character. Some qualities of a character such as species and abilities don't always have to be put, depending on what type or RP it is. But I at least want you to put as much as this:

Character Details:
Where the RP begins(What the other person will reply to):

Than under the bio, put in parenthesis what kind of character you want in detail. Like this:

(I need a male who is kind of abusive towards (character's name). He is mean and cruel towards her. But, he does have to be sweet to her sometimes.)

Piece of cake, right?

Replying to an RP - Making your character to RP with

Basically all you do to replay is post a bio of your character and then where in the original bio it says "Where the RP begins", you will just put your reply instead. And then the RP will go on from there.

That's all you really have to know to RP in this group.

If you have any questions, ask me, Noelynn.

Thanks you guys and have fun!!
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