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Village She's From:

Character Details
+Sweet and kind
+Medical ninja
+Secretely in love with the S class criminal, Deidara.


Kimiko grew up as a normal girl in Konoha would, she went to school, she trained hard, and she became a medical ninja after the Chunin exams. She was a hard worker and also a great teammate. But, one day she was sent out on a mission and get separated from her group. While she was looking for them, she stumbled across Deidara. He was injured badly, she couldn't just leave him there. She healed him like any good person would. She knew it was a horrible thing for her to do, but she couldn't help it. Besides the fact that he was a criminal he wasn't that bad of a guy. She ended up falling for him. After she got back to the village, she couldn't stop thinking about him. She hopes one day to see him again, at least just once.

(I need someone to play Deidara. He's basically the same as he was in the anime, but he is a pretty nice guy, besides the fact that he's pretty insane. Other than that, he's all yours.)


Where the RP Begins:
Kimiko was packing for a mission. Her and the team she was going with would be gone for a couple of weeks. They had to escort someone far away. She didn't know where though. She was just the medical ninja, so she didn't know much about the mission. She couldn't help but think about Deiedara. She wanted to see him....and maybe she would on this mission.
She walked to where the team was going to meet her and then they departed. It was the usual crew she was stuck with: Neji, Lee, and TenTen. They weren't that bad of company. They were running through the forest, heading to their destination where they would meet the person they would be escorting. After a few hours of running, they decided to rest. They all sat down, one person on the look-out in case there were enemy near.
Kimiko walked to a nearby river. She was thirsty. She bent down on her knees and drank some water.
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