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Posted 2/13/12 , edited 2/14/12
I've seen, " [C]: The Control of Money and Soul and Possibility ". And i thought it was an amazing Anime! A mysterious man shows up and gives you a magic credit card and you got your own Avatar-like person (Asset) thats invisable to you and follows you around everywhere? Sign me up for oneof those magic credit cards too! My personal favorite in the show is Msyu and Q. And i watched this after seeing Blue Exorcist ( Ao no Exorcist ), so Q really reminded me of Amaimon for some weird reason. Which i thought was awesome. And throughout this whole Anime, your thinking, "Are they gonna end up togather!?" for Msyu and Kimimaro. Yea, it's oneof those. But it's done REALLY well and i think it's an Anime that most people are gonna like. And FUNimation has it already licensed. So let's hope that they get it Dubbed in English soon! Yea, i like English Dub too. Dont get me wrong, i like Sub too for some Animes. Like for, The Familiar of Zero, when i first heard that English Dub i thought, "Oh h*** no!". But after a few episode's i got over it and now i think they're voices are really good for it.

If you wish to start watching it too now, please go to Youtube and look for it. FUNimation has uploaded all of the Episode's in English Sub.

And maybe after you get done watching it, come back here and tell us what you think of it. Or if you've already seen it, make a post below. ^_^

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