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Do you think adults are so self-centered and such?
Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/8/12

YoYuri wrote:

Hate to be the first person to say this...But plenty of kids and teenagers are also self-centered and full of themselves...and a lot of it is due to bad parenting..which leads to an endless cycle. All adults are not what you describe them to be, nor are all authority figures.

Growing up I was pretty different, and I used to go against the grain of what my parents told me to do..and more times than not I got burned..and well I learned a lesson.

Being a grownup has its own merits, just as does being a kid or a teenager. I'm 27 and my daughter is 7 and trust me..I know exactly what I put my parents through.

^Agreed. I have 3 kids and sometimes babysit my niece who is 9. When you become an adult, come back and talk about who's most selfish and self-centered out of all.
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