[2012 J-Drama] W no Higeki
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W no Higeki
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, from 26 April 2012
Station: TV Asahi

Born into an ultrarich family that runs a big conglomerate, doe-eyed Watsuji Mako (Takei Emi) is to take over the family-run business in the future. This destiny was decided since the time of her birth. She grew up like a caged bird, smothered with the affection of family members and the people around her. Amidst this life of luxury which Mako regards as most inconvenient, she secretly yearns grasp life with her own hands some day … … Kurasawa Satsuki (Takei Emi) is an orphan who has experience loneliness and poverty on the fringe of the city. She has been very rebellious since she was a child and left the orphanage she grew up in at the same time she graduated from junior high school. Lying and cheating in order to live, she desires wealth and power more than anything else. Her goal in life is to become rich and seek revenge from where she stands at the top of the world. Mako and Satsuki have a fateful meeting and trade places with each other, but this plunges them into a tragedy as the tables are turned. Mako, who is clean and pure like a swan, is toughened up as she leads the life of the black swan. Satsuki, who is consumed by envy and animosity, gets mixed up in the complex relations of the Watsuji clan and an unexpected murder!


Takei Emi as Watsuji Mako

Takei Emi as Kurasawa Satsuki

Kiritani Kenta as Yumisaka Keiichiro

Fukuda Saki as Tachibana Kirara

Matsushita Yuki as Ichijo Haruo

Goriki Ayame as Mido Sayaka

Terada Minori
Nogiwa Yoko
Wakamura Mayumi
Nakamura Shunsuke
Takeda Kohei
Kaneda Akio
Takahashi Issei


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Posted 3/8/12 , edited 3/8/12
Full cast revealed for upcoming drama ‘W no Higeki’ starring Takei Emi

On March 8th, TV Asahi finally revealed more details about the cast of the upcoming drama ‘Wo no Higeki‘, which stars young actress Takei Emi in a double role.

‘W no Higeki‘ is based on a mystery novel of the same name by Natsuki Shizuko, which sold over 2.5 million copies. The script is handled by Terada Toshio (“Koshonin”), who’ll make sure to create an all-new exciting viewing experience.

The drama along with the plot was already announced a couple of weeks ago. Takei plays the two roles of ‘Watsuji Mako‘, the daughter of a very wealthy and powerful zaibatsu, and ‘Kurasawa Satsuki‘, a show club dancer raised in an orphanage and with a desire of revenge burning inside her heart. Due to the fact that they both look absolutely identical, they decide to change places in order to experience each other’s completely different lives. Their little experiment is followed by various tragedies and other incidents.

For Takei this will be her first starring role, let alone double, in a prime time drama, but she’s not doing it alone. Fukuda Saki and Gouriki Ayame, who are both from the same agency as Takei, will appear alongside her. With further appearances by Kiritani Kenta, Matsushita Yuki, Wakamura Mayumi, Terada Minori, Nogiwa Yoko, Nakamura Shunsuke, Takahashi Issei, Takeda Kohei, and Kaneda Akio, she truly can rely on a wonderful cast.

Fukuda and Gouriki are going to play fellow dancers at the show club where Mako will have to work at instead of Satsuki. They both aren’t exactly nice towards her and bully her on every occasion. Gouriki’s character comes off as a kind girl at first glimpse, but she actually has a very malicious personality. Matsushita plays the owner of the club.

Kiritani is playing a clumsy and lonely detective who’s investigating a suspicious murder case that seems to be connected to Satsuki. However, before he knew what was happening he falls for her charms without knowing that she’s not the person he wanted to shadow in the first place. Terada plays the head of the Watsuji family. His wife and the grandmother of Mako is portrayed by Nogiwa, while Wakamura disguises herself as the mother of Mako. Nakamura will complete the Watsuji family by playing the only ‘normal’ man in the family and the third husband of Mako’s mother.

The producer commented, “We were able to surround our young and fresh heroine, played by Takei, with people who possess very strong and individual personalities.”

He continued, “The selling point of a show club are the great dancing skills of its dancers and I think the scenes that were filmed inside an actual club are going to be fantastic. With the intense battle that’s going on between the girls, there are going to be some truly flashy scenes!”

‘W no Higeki’ will air every Thursday at 9:00 pm.
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Posted 3/13/12 , edited 3/13/12
seems interesting. will check it out when its out
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Hirai Ken's song for “W no Higeki

Hirai Ken has announced that he will be releasing his new single, “Kokuhaku“, on May 23rd!

“Kokuhaku” will be used as the theme song for TV Asahi’s upcoming drama, “W no Higeki“, which stars actress Takei Emi. This drama is based on a mystery novel by Natsuki Shizuko that was adapted into a film back in 1984.

Regarding the song, Hirai commented, “I made it with the themes ‘absolute darkness’ and ‘overwhelming despair’, things that everyone holds somewhere in their hearts.” He continued, “Honestly, I’ve wrote a lot of songs, but this was the first song where I felt pain.”

After hearing the song, Takei expressed, “I felt that he wrote it while relating to my character, the protagonist Mako.”

For its coupling track, the single will include “Woman ‘W no Higeki’“, which will also be featured in the drama. This will be an acoustic cover of the theme song that was used in the movie back in 1984.

The single will be released in 2 different versions: Limited Edition (CD+DVD) and Full Volume Edition (CD-Only). The DVD will contain a 30-minute long special footage starring the singer himself. Meanwhile, the Full Volume Edition will feature a special arrangement of “Itoshiki Hibi yo“, called “Itoshiki Hibi yo -the repose of souls-“, and a remix of “Onegai Julie★“.

Along with the new single, Hirai will simultaneously release a new PV collection titled ‘KEN HIRAI Films Vol.12′, which will include 9 video clips from “Kimi wa Su. Te. Ki” to “Yume no Mukou de“.

Fans who purchase both the single and PV collection will have a chance to be invited to Hirai’s annual concert, ‘Ken’s Bar’. This concert will be held on July 7th for 47 people from the 47 prefectures in Japan.
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she again
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Posted 5/25/12 , edited 5/25/12
A dark and very interesting drama. I will definitely continue watching until the end. Takei Emi should receive an award for her performance!
One of the best portrayal of twins in a drama.
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nice plot..surely gonna watch this!! esp takei emie is there..one of my favorite actresses
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wow.. ayame gouriki, love her in asuko.. also takei emi..^^
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